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Hash Power
Apr 4, 2018 · 4 min read

Different from legal tender, BitCoin is produced by mining. Since the available BitCoin in block will be halved every four years and all the 21 million BitCoin won’t be put into circulation until the year of 2140. Therefore, there will be no malignant inflation or devaluation in this system.

When writing this article, one BitCoin is equal to 7,900 US dollars. Suppose that you manage to mine one block, then, you can get the profit of 98,750 US dollars immediately (regardless of the cost of electricity, machine and management). More and more people are now joined in a effort to mine with the growing attention to BitCoin from the public. It seems like everyone is talking about BitCoin and mining and also regard it as the fastest way to make money.

However, today’s mining has no longer been a stuff that you can make a profit simply by using normal CPU and downloading software like it was few years ago.

Several elements influencing the profit of mining are the hash power of the Internet, the block reward, the brokerage income of block, the price of BitCoin, the running cost of mining, the sunk cost of buying a mining machine and the mining life of a machine.

Thereinto, the running cost of mining includes the cost of electricity, materials and staffs’ wages. What’s more, it is necessary to lengthen the life of mining machine in order to let it work longer for a few years with high efficiency and output by preventing fire, dust, soot, humidity in daily lives and figuring out the best working electric current and power.

Because of the characteristic of the industry, it is hard for the middle-size or small-size mine owners to find the miner source which is cheap and excellent at the same time even they have sufficient fund. It is also hard for them to find the cheap electricity power even they have bought the mining machine. It is still so hard to have a professional ability to arrange the mines and manage all the stuffs well even the appropriate electricity power is founded.

Besides, the numbers of daily output block is confirmed but the difficulty is becoming larger and larger since there are more and more people joining in it and the rising price of BitCoin.

To a mining machine which is available for 10,000 RMB right now, daily profit is about 0.001 BitCoin, that is 50 RMB (compared to the price of BitCoin). But the profit is totally different to some owners who have different management levels. Such complicated mining conditions cause the very limit space of profit to who only have one machine or two.


Hashpower is born for lowering the personal mining threshold, reducing the risks and lowering the cost. After calculating many countries’ electricity cost, United States, Russia and Sweden are selected as three first overseas-layout countries of choice. By using way of controlling low electricity cost, to ensure the stable profit of the investigation. Consequently, everyone can share the early bonus by blockchain mining industry.

This is a cryptographic digital asset ecosystem which is composed of server manufacturer (mining machine), machine room (mine), hash power trading platform and community aims at building an enhanced global decentralized hash power resource sharing platform and provide strong hash power support to blockchain, big data, AI industry. Hashpower is based on the now available machine rooms (mine) and develop new mine hash power in the world to improve users’ mining experience at the same time and create enormous value while using less resource.

Ordinary people can join in digital mining by holding digital assets in lower cost.

Source of income

The main source of income comes from mining and buying BitCoin mining machines and video machines at the same time.

To some causal machine, some trusteeship service is available. The income of this service is mainly from the price differences of electricity and the cost of trusteeship which is very exuberant.

Some of the hash power can be rent for cloud mining. It means the instant return of the investigation. But the income is less than the mining. Considering this part is for a better control of risk.

We will create our own hash power exchange platform for trading hash power and collect some income.


Hashpower has a strong team. As the very core strategic partners of Hashpower, ELBRUS has the biggest mining machine factory in Russia and it is extremely competitive power on mining.

Hashpower will join in POS (ETH/EOS) and IPFS in future and owning 50,000 servers to become the biggest hash power facilitator in the world/












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