This is an excerpt of Juan Mata’s blog: One Hour Behind

“I’m writing to you at the end of a typical
Autumn Sunday in Manchester, with the night
arriving earlier after the clocks have gone back
by an hour. The Winter season is approaching…
The day has been quiet and I’ve been thinking a
lot about Saturday’s game, arguably one of the
weirdest draws of my career. If you watched
our game against Burnley, you will agree with
me that it’s very difficult to create so many
chances to win and yet get only one point. I
guess Heaton, their goalkeeper, will remember
this evening of October for all his life, and you
can do nothing but congratulate him. He saved
absolutely everything.
The team showed a good attitude from the
kick-off. We started very focused and kept
fighting for the goal until the final whistle,
despite we had to play with ten men for quite a
while. We had countless shots on target, but
between the woodwork, the defenders and,
especially, the goalkeeper’s outstanding
performance, the goal never came. I know it
sounds repetitive but this sport is like that.
There are games when the score is cruel and it
doesn’t reflect how well you did. Sometimes
you don’t deserve to win but you end up with
three points, and sometimes is the opposite. I
honestly think that our performance on
Saturday reinforces the idea of a team that we
want to show in the long term, more than if it
had been a lucky win after a bad game. If we
had taken a couple of the chances that we had,
now we would be talking about one of our best
games of the season, so we shouldn’t see this
from an extremely negative perspective when
we did so many things well. However, we are
aware that we must get better in that area.
I strongly believe that the team is on the right
track, after all the hard work we put on the
pitch. We proved that on Wednesday when we
defeated Manchester City in the EFL Cup. We
came from a tough defeat and the team
showed that we are united and we are able to
beat anyone. It was an important game; we
played with confidence and we added that extra
effort, intensity and concentration that every
game requires. We did it again with Burnley, but
we were unable to score. Playing like we did,
though, is going to bear fruit sooner or later.
Anyway, there’s no point in complaining now.
We have to work on our confidence and give
everything in the two away games this week.
Both of them will be tough: Fenerbahce in the
Europa League and Swansea next Sunday.
These are two games to keep working the
same way and try to score all the goals that we
couldn’t score last Saturday.”

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