Financing a solar project, whether it is for commercial or residential use, can be very complex. Companies around the globe are coming up with innovative financing models to simplify the adoption of solar, but there is no one size that fits all solution. Financing a solar installation pretty much depends on a few keys factors, some of those are:

· Ownership of the roof

· Your objective from the solar installation — maximise savings, achieving energy independence, climate action or a mix of all

· Your purchasing power

· Your credit history

As we mentioned, companies are coming up with…

A must read if you are thinking of installing solar.

Cost of solar installation varies based on several factors. Some of those are:

  1. Country where the project is — taxes and duties can play a significant role
  2. Size of the project — economies of scale can play a significant role
  3. Quality and efficiency of solar modules — a general rule of thumb: cost increases as the efficiency of panels increase
  4. Quality of BoS (Balance of System) — inverter, monitoring system, wiring etc
  5. Quality of installation — this would depend on the installer, an experienced installer would never cut corners and…

How leveraging satellite data through computer vision and advanced AI would play a crucial role in optimising solar mapping.

One of the biggest hurdles to solar adoption is the limited information available to the customer. Although there is a wide range of literature available on solar energy, photovoltaics and their environmental benefits, it is all very general. Answering specific customer questions such as how much solar can I install, how much energy will it generate, how much will I save, what is the best place to install solar on my roof-top, what would be its environmental impact etc. all typically require in-depth research or employing consultants.

Can you imagine buying any product with such uncertainty about its specific benefits…

Do you know how solar can impact your business?

By: Camille Salord

One of the biggest science and technology parks in the UK spends approximately £8.3mn pounds every year on buying electricity from the grid.

PowerMarket’s latest case study has revealed that Harwell could save approximately 16% of its electricity usage — which works out as £33.0mn and 200,000 tons of CO2 over the next 25 years — by generating some of this electricity through a cluster of distributed solar installations.

Figure 1: Suggested Harwell Campus Solar PV Installations, image source: Google Maps

PowerMarket has used its solar assessment tool to evaluate 8 sites suitable for solar photovoltaic installations at Harwell campus…

By: Haem Roy

C.L.E.R (Cost, Location, Environmental Impact and RoI), we begin with answering the one big question that every company thinking of installing solar is first posed with: ‘How much would it cost?’

The cost of installing a solar project in different countries can vary based on many factors such as local manufacturing and import duties. In addition to that, the cost of solar can also differ significantly based on the quality of solar panels and installation quality. As a result, the customer must always be careful in selecting their supplier/EPC — a good way to do that is by asking for product warranties. …

PowerMarket selected among 101 tech disrupters in the UK by BusinessCloud

Welcome to BusinessCloud’s inaugural list of the country’s hottest disrupters, companies using tech to shake up traditional industries. To be considered for the list they had to have been launched on or after January 1, 2012, be based in the UK and have the ability to scale quickly.

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Sustainability and profitability can go hand-in-hand

By: Haem Roy

India has always held a tradition of not just worshipping but utilizing natural sources. From festivals dedicated to the sun and wind to simple methods like sun-dried food. And it is not surprising that India is rapidly adopting solar energy. With the abundance of natural resources, solar is fast becoming the popular as well as cost-effective choice for commercial enterprises.

Why is it a great choice you ask?

1. Control in your hands

Get the power (pun intended) in your hands installing solar right within your premises. You can control not just how much energy you buy from the grid, and how…

Cost of solar has reduced by 99% since 1977, however, many installers don’t notice, customer acquisition cost (CAC) is increasing, severely affecting their margins .

By: Haem Roy

The solar industry and green energy supporters are finding several occasions to rejoice as the cost of solar has been reducing steadily for last 3 decades. Interestingly enough, the cost of solar has dropped by 99% since 1977, bringing solar closer to grid-parity, or in some places, at grid-parity.

However, as the cost of solar and BoS (balance of systems) continues to reduce, the customer acquisition costs (CAC) has been increasing steadily…

PowerMarket was shortlisted as one of the TOP30 Most Promising Energy Start-ups in Europe 2017

The EnergySpin researched more than 200 start-ups and chose PowerMarket as one of the most interesting companies in 2017. The valuation was based on the management team’s competence and the product’s potential.

PowerMarket Sample Report

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The best hedge against rising energy prices is to be energy independent.

Business Parks typically tend to have big energy bills. However, sustainability achievements can now come along with reduced operational costs and protection from ever increasing energy expenses.

Solar microgrids are one such solution that can not only help business parks achieve their sustainability targets, but also help to generate up to 30% of their electricity needs, protecting them and their tenants from ever increasing energy prices. Below is a brief study from PowerMarket.

In 2014 the UK government assessed that there is 250,000 hectares of south facing commercial rooftops suitable for solar pv1. Based on this figure it is estimated…

PowerMarket is on a mission: #sustainableenergyforall, providing global solar intelligence using satellite data and advanced AI..

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