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A Young Girl’s Inspiring Story

Madeline Cooley is a vivacious 11-year-old girl with a huge smile and infectious laugh. She pumps with her arms and legs to power a sleek ride-on toy called a Pumper Car across a patio. But you wouldn’t know that this activity is remarkable.

The fact is that Madeline has cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs. She cannot walk unassisted. Just maneuvering from her wheelchair and onto the Pumper Car for physical therapy requires significant help from her therapist or mother. With this fun addition to Madeline’s physical therapy routine, she’s significantly improved her balance, coordination, strength and stamina. She’s well on her way to achieving her goal of riding her Pumper Car along side her brother and friends on their neighborhood bike rides.

Columbia-Inland Corp., maker of Pumper Cars, salutes Madeline’s courage and positive attitude. She is an inspiration to us all.