How to use your calendar to maximize your effectiveness
Ryan Carson

To start off I feel that the practice of blocking off time on one’s calendar for everything to be highly effective to getting personal goals done and for structuring ones personal and work life.

The problem I see with such practise is how can the benefit be translated effectively to the work place (if you work on your own or with very small teams like 1- 5 members ok that fine)

Imagine a large team (even just 30 people) and everyone blocking their time off for their work and do not take interruptions. You can imagine the need to have very synchronise workforce. How would collaboration happen ?

Also the solution would requires much discipline from individual employees and may put constraints on certain functional teams work styles e.g. Sales.

And finally the resulting “system” should not result in delaying workflow the getting an meeting with a co-worker only 2 weeks later is not helpful.

In short how do we scale this practice.

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