Choosing a new car vacuum is not a simple task because there are so many types of car vacuum available on the market today. When you look into it, a lot of factors that you need to consider. That is the reason why I wrote this guide.

Hope you find the best car vacuum after reading my guide!

Why Should Buy a Car Vacuum?

Cars seem to be our “second house” because the majority of us spend some time in our cars every day. And just like a house, the more time we spend in cars, the dirtier they become. For that reason, car sanitizing is very necessary. To clean the outside, we can easily use microfibre cloths, a bucket of water together with soap. However, to make clear the inside, it’s a little bit harder and water should not be used because it can damage the interior. In this case, a car vacuum is the best solution.

The best car vacuum cleaners provide the most effective and easiness way to eliminate the dust, grime, dirt and leaves from your cars. It is also lightweight and requires small space, thus you can place it in your car boot easily.

Moreover, the price of a car vacuum is suitable. Usually, a handheld vacuum cleaner costs from $20 (for a basic one) up to $300 (for an advanced one). This is cheaper compared to a household vacuum.

Types of Car Vacuums

Basically, there are two types of car vacuums. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below are some characteristics of these main types.

Corded Vacuums

Like the name suggests, a corded vacuum requires a cord so that it can connect with the external source of power. Since handheld machines are small in size and light in weight, carrying a corded vacuum and bring it around to clean the car interior are simple tasks. The convenience of corded vacuum is that they don’t need an internal battery for providing energy, which makes them even lighter. In addition, a corded vacuum would save your effort because you don’t have to recharge it each time after use, and more importantly, it doesn’t cause any interruption because there is no timing limit in use.

Cordless Vacuums

In contrast to cored vacuum, a cordless vacuum doesn’t have a cord to be powered. Instead, it uses an internal battery that can be recharged when the energy is gone. Since cordless vacuums require no cord, they are much more convenient than the corded ones. Users can bring them to anywhere without worrying about the distance. For this reason, they are more preferred than the corded ones. However, because of the internal battery, this kind of vacuum is limited by using time (which depends on the battery’s capacity) and usually more expensive than the corded machines.

Important Features of a Car Vacuum

There is a wide range of features that you need to carefully consider in choosing the best car vacuum. Those features below are just some of the most important.

Suction Power

This is one of the first considerations that comes to our mind when buying a vacuum. Power is the ability of how strong a vacuum can pull the dirt, the more powerful power the better clearness. But, remember that difference vacuums have different power. Usually, a corded cleaner is more appreciated than a cordless one in such standard. But note that, the greater power also means the more consuming-energy.

The amount of suction power depends mostly on the machine’s motor, usually ranges from 250 to 350 mm/water. For cars, suction power doesn’t need too big, in my opinion, 300 mm/water is just enough.

Battery Life and Cord Length

This is the thing you only need to consider when buying a cordless vacuum. Energy stored in the battery should be sufficient enough to allow users to accomplish their cleaning work without interruptions. A charging indicator is also necessary so that you can know how much energy is consumed and how much energy is left. There are two kinds of battery that are often used in car vacuum: Li-Lon and NiCad. Li-Lon batteries tend to be more expensive, more charging time but provide longer using time. Usually, a 30-minute battery is suitable for a car vacuum.

For corded car vacuum, cord length should be your concern. Usually, the longer cord the better use because you can bring the distance with further distance.

Size and Weight

Smaller size and lighter weight mean higher convenience. The design of your machine should be portable so that it can get into all of the corners and nooks inside your car. A good machine should weigh no more than 5 pounds. However, even a very small-size vacuum cannot reach every corner, extra attachments like a long hose or a soft brush can be used for this situation.

Dust Canister

There are many different sizes of dust canister, usually, the capacity changes from 350 to 650 ml. For cars, dust canister is just a minor factor because your car’s size is much smaller than your house. So, a 350ml-canister is appropriate.


The time of warranty for the majority of car vacuum typically lasts from one to two years. Of course, more years are better.


In summary, buying the best car vacuum is not easy. While power is an important factor, always remember that other features such as battery life, cord length, size, weight, dust capacitor and warranty are also considerable. Your vacuum cannot be perfect if its battery is so weak or its size is so large to reach every corner and nook in your car. An ideal machine should be effective and make you feel comfortable when using it.

I’m going to end my guide right now. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much and have a good day!