Facebook Cleans Up Pages

The new Facebook page design makes the page look more of a blog and cleans out the otherwise annoying “right-side ads”. Which anyways were not working as Facebook’s ad revenue is 84% mobile.

Here are the 4 most important things to know about the new Facebook page design:

1. Smoother Cover Photo and Profile Picture Alignment

Great stuff. Now designers don’t have to worry about the profile picture, buttons or even the name of the page blocking the cover photo. The Profile picture is on the left side with the name right under, followed by a menu with things such as “About” or “Photos”. And the main buttons you’ll now find just below the cover photo.

2. Call to Action Button

Yupp. They’ve made the CTA more visible and clear, yet not interruptive. Simply making life a tad bit easier for the every day marketeer.

3. Right Column Info

All your most important info about your business or brand is made visible on the right hand column. From map to photos, videos, reviews or events.

4. Logo Stays When you Scroll

And finally: When you scroll down the page to check out the posts - the logo and the submenues stay put on the left side, making it easy for people to go check out more about the page. The brand stays put throughout the journey. Fab.

One more step to usefulness. All together: great job Facebook.

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