The Effects of welding process in the industries:

The industrial and manufacturing unit involves various processes to achieve the desired outcome. Some of the processes are unavoidable and therefore, cannot be avoided. The process though is pivotal, yet, has some side effects which hampers the growth of the company. One such process is the welding. The welding process is crucial in any industries; it releases fume and dust which affect the employees working in the surroundings. It is essential to implement safety measures to prevent air pollution for the well-being of the workforce. On constant exposure to the fumes and dust, the employees get affected by serious health issues thus affecting their productivity. Therefore, it impedes the company’s growth and reputation.

welding fume extractor manufacturers

Welding fume extractors- your one stop solution for the workplace:

The one stop solution for this issue is to install Welding Fume Extractor which eliminates welding fume from the workplace. There are several manufacturers in the market which provides welding fume extractor. However, Powertech Pollution control is the leading welding fume extractor manufacturers in the country. They manufacture extractor that follows the international guideline of quality standards. The welding fume extractor manufacturers guarantee of providing extractor that excels in performance and reliability even after years of service.

The welding fume extractor by the welding fume extractor manufacturers consumes dust by implementing electrostatic precipitation process. In this process, the polluted air absorbed through the pipe is ionized using the principle of electrostatic precipitation. The filter present in the extractor absorbs the ionized particles. The filters are frequently cleaned to ensure its performance.

Some of the highlights of the welding fume extractor manufacturers:

1> The welding fume extractor manufacturers, provide welding fume extractors which produce clean air through the electrostatic filtration process.

2> The welding fume extractor absorbs even the smallest of particles.

3> The welding fume extractor eliminates 99.9% dust particles from the surrounding air.

4> The welding fume extractor, is cost-effective and lowers electricity bills.

5> The filters are made of the best quality and works well even after years of service.

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