AMC for UPS in Bangalore

POWERTEC SYSTEMS have set high engineering standards and practices in the field of AMC for UPS in Bangalore, Company also carry out Annual Maintenance Contract for batteries of different make. POWERTEC SYSTEMS provides best AMC for UPS in Bangalore and also serves as trustworthy Manufactures of Online and off line UPS Systems, Inverters, Battery Charger, Servo Controlled Stabilizers and batteries.

We offer comprehensive UPS AMC and battery service solutions which are designed to improve costs, uptime, reliability, power quality and safety. Our Service Include: UPS Installation and Commissioning, Battery Replacement, Battery Testing and Maintenance, UPS Maintenance and Service Contracts, Project Management, Warranty Upgrade. In India and network of highly experienced contractors we can support clients in Bangalore.

AMC for UPS in Bangalore

AMC for Home UPS

With a multitude of convenience products in today’s modern homes, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is critical not only for the product but also for customers who have invested on the product. There are a host of benefits when you opt for Annual Maintenance Contract:

  • No need to remember dates. No need to call us. We store your product details in our database.
  • Our team of professionals visit once every 6 months automatically to check & maintain the health of your gadget. (Both Home UPS & Battery provided you have opted for an AMC for both)
  • Even after expiry of warranty for your product, you can opt for Annual Maintenance Contract.

Scope of Home UPS AMC

  • Under Annual Maintenance Contract Program, the Home UPS & Batteries are included provided you opt for separate AMC’s for both.
  • PCB’s, IGBT/SCR, Switches, Fans, Capacitors & LCD display will be replaced free of cost if there is any failure
  • Chassis & wheels are not covered and shall be charged extra at actual.

AMC For Emerson UPS

The AMC Service assisted by our organization includes:

  • Maintenance of UPS on regular basis.
  • 24x7 Support services.
  • Supervising the performance of the UPS for better efficiency.

Most of Benefits from Power Solution Services

  • Better value
  • Customized Solutions
  • Tough value command management
  • Skilled professionals
  • Reasonable charges
  • Timely consignment
  • Ethical business practices
AMC for UPS in Bangalore

Power Solution Services teams comprise diligent & industrious professionals, who support us in supplying quality verified variety of UPS’s like Emerson/Tata Liebert etc.. These experts contain commendable commerce know-how and are well-versed about every segment related to the supplying process. Power Solution Services offers specialized services for Emerson/Tata Liebert, PCI, APC, Hirel, Powerware & other branded UPS systems.

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AMC for UPS in Bangalore

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