How To Get Away With Lying In The Digital Age

In an increasingly connected digital world it is hard to keep track of the things we’ve contributed, and are already spread around the web. We, at Powr of You, would like you to be aware of how much data we actually voluntarily share for everyone to see. Could too much data be obstructive? The question is how much data is there actually about us and how hard is it to keep up a lie in the complex digital world?

It is that time of the year again when your lovely grandmother is visiting you. The only problem is that you don’t have any vacation days left and are therefore committed to work. You clearly can’t break your grandmother’s heart and tell her that you don’t have time for her. So what do you do? Call in sick just for the day? Well, you could just this one time. I mean who would know right? Hold on — we will tell you what things could go wrong and why it’s not that easy to get away with a lie nowadays.

Here is the list of things to check-off:

Social Media

  • Check that you don’t post anything on Facebook, Twitter, etc. that could cause speculation about your current plans, locations or mood
  • More importantly make sure none of your friends shares a pictures of you or checks you in at some location. We would advise you to simply not log in and make sure your friends don’t include you when they post something
  • Don’t indicate “Going” or “Interested” for any Facebook events or other public event lists you might want to go. Yes that includes Bingo and Brunch with your Grandmother
  • Don’t Pinterest while you are supposed to be laying in bed sick

Spotify, Pandora, etc.

  • Now when it comes to music services, if you are friends with them (in this case we hope your co-workers don’t follow you) or have public playlists, don’t add new music to it that would give away your location

FitBit and other activity trackers

  • This is a new and surprising one because if you are supposed to be sitting tight on a couch one can tell if you are being active, so watch where you step! Hopefully your grandmother doesn’t chase you around :)

Browser History

  • Depending on if you are using work laptop to do the searches for your plans or not, you could be leaving evidence out there. Make sure to delete all things that could get in the way of your lie. For example the Google search page for the name of the restaurant you want to take her or the results page of “how to pretend to be too sick to work”

Well, that’s it! You are free to enjoy your day and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. At least in the cyberspace; you could still run into the person in real life. Maybe you just should stick to the truth ;)

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