• Roney Ngala ★

    Roney Ngala ★

    Your virtual Web worker and Copy-maker... I give businesses good looks on screens, and I'll be serving you #CupsofCopy - just to make the Internet nicer.

  • Wanjiru Muhinja

    Wanjiru Muhinja

    Proud mom and wife | Product Manager | Lover of life | Happy Soul | Ever learning | Matra >>Choices , Drive and Discipline

  • Aika-Grace Wangwe

    Aika-Grace Wangwe

    Gild of God, Wife, Mother, Graphic Designer

  • supamodo™


    Artist, Photographer, Illustrator, Actor, Creative, Copywriter, Raconteur. I think in word i speak in rhyme!

  • Job Muriuki

    Job Muriuki

  • estherluhumyo


  • Jessi Chelsie

    Jessi Chelsie

    Writer/content strategist. Thoughts on marketing, branding, content, and life. Canadian-American-Hungarian. Trying to stop myself from adopting more puppies.

  • Joram Mwinamo

    Joram Mwinamo

    www.sndbx.ke inspiringgreatness001.worpress.com Im a husband, father and currently the managing partner of WYLDE International

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