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Digital transformation in the media

In today’s media market, if you are slow, or stand still, you will not last very long. You will die, even if you are the most important brand in the world. Praying for results is not an answer. The world and the audience have changed.

Everyone is committed to growing digital. They know change is the only way forward, but cultural change is hard. For many years, journalists understood their job was done when the article was written. Now they have to think digital and work digital.

It’s good that the two leading media houses…

Customer Experience Maturity and the Need to Deliver the Best of Both Worlds

Will KCB gain some of the empathy of the lion above?— image source unknown

On first glance, Chase Bank, a bank that lost the trust of its depositors is being acquired/managed by a bigger, more stable bank, KCB. Sentiments on the ground and on social media though, provide more nuance. Hyperbole not withstanding, Chase Bank customers appear to fear the association of banking with KCB more than they fear losing their deposits.

There’s a catalogue of jokes and memes that followed the announcement of the alliance last Wednesday, as well as some lukewarm newspaper commentary. The online messages are almost Premier League like in their allegiance to either bank.

How a diminishing value system affects pricing

Pump prices, the fount of countless price discussions — Lube Bay by Datakid Musicman

Some weeks ago, the estimable analytical columnist Mungai Kihanya debunked the assumption that the relationship between higher price points and higher profits is always directly proportional.

The article did not receive as much attention as it merits.

This is mainly because as Kenyans, we have a dysfunctional relationship with value. The construction of our value system in the postcolonial imaginary is based on calculating all forms of value strictly in monetary terms.

While the country is famous for many honest, self-made entrepreneurs, in the measurement of their economic exceptionalism, the varied texture of…

We came across this rebrand announcement ad in the Daily Nation of Kenya, 5 April 2016.

The rebrand confronts the audience with a new name and new logo.

We like the new colourway, though the dark greys kind of denote a move from informal to formal banking. (It is not clear if this is the rebrands intention)

The typeface though, is overused and in this sector and market is indistinguishable from the one used by Ecobank undermining the uniqueness obligation of an identity.

Overall the look is a fresh update, but this piece is about message.


Observations on human-centered approaches to Value Creation Design from

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