Book Review: Predictable Revenue

Title: Predictable Revenue

Authors: Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler

Overall rating: 3/5

Review : This is a book that talks about building a sales pipeline for predictable and repeatable revenue. If you are completely unfamiliar with building a sales pipeline, this is a great book to understand the various steps involved in going from a preparing to prospecting to closing.

Cold-calling funnel (Image credit:

Aaron and Marylou also talk about the differences in cold calling using targeted e-mails instead of phone calls, which they call as cold calling 2.0.

There are various other small nuggets that explain the sales pipeline. The book however is mostly light reading (I finished it in about 4 hours), repetitive (authors mention that you can read any chapter on its own, so they too some liberty in repeating the content) and doesn’t have much depth. At times, I felt like the 200+ pages could have been condensed into 3 or 4 blog posts. The book is a bit salesy, but that’s expected from these authors :-)

Overall a good book to read, if you want to get an introduction to sales pipelines. I personally would have liked to learn more about customer mindsets and the psychology of selling. Have a few books in the reading pipeline to focus on those, comment if you have any recommendations.