Trigger Warning: This Article May Piss You Off
Shaheen Pasha

While Zac Bears may have some valid qualifications of this piece by Shaheen Pasha, he seems to be missing the larger point of it, which I think is both insightful and valuable for people to hear. I think Pasha is totally correct that protestors have gone too far when they try to constrain the reporters, by allowing them to cover a protest only if they are in agreement with it.

The best way to respond to “bad” speech — even hateful speech — is through more speech, not by seeking to silence the speaker or prohibit certain words or phrases. Protestors have to be consistent: they can’t complain about being peremptorily silenced and then turn around and do the same to others.

Similarly, the best way to deal with “bad” press is more press, not less — and improving one’s message to make it as clear and effective as possible.