Trapped Inside

-Part 1-

I, Michael (but everyone calls me Mike ) will be starting a new high school life again. It’s only been a year!! and guess what, I moved 3 times.

Standing there like a freak with the word “loser” on our heads. PLUS, coming to an academy called Spookham high doesn’t sound really …. ermm… pleasant. In facts, it’s more of like a bad luck sign saying that you’ll be doomed …soon enough.

Strange feelings overwhelmed me. I wished myself luck as I took the first step onto Spookham High’s grounds. A big sign stood saying..

“Welcome to Spookham High….
Follow the red lines which will lead you to your death.. *evil laugh*
Jkjk the reception…”

Weird. What school would play jokes like this. Looking down onto the floor, I see many lines of different colours going in different directions.

I followed the red line. Well it seems that this school wouldn’t be so dull now…