Mobile Application to Make a Doctor’s Life Easy and Hassle-Free

Becoming renowned in his field has definitely taught Dr. Chetan Sharma the significance of his profession and the burdening responsibilities added with everyday challenges. Healthcare professionals like doctors, dentists and individual medical practitioners need to be always on-the-go as per their work demands, and this makes it important for them to embrace technological advancements to simplify their everyday tasks of patient management.

Dr. Sharma realized this fact when he was on the verge of frustrations caused by the pile of documents and files with endless patient records. Some of them, he did not even need to keep. “It is sheer psychology that keeps you from discarding useless patient files that you wouldn’t require, and this builds up the junk and stops me from finding the right information at the right time”, said Dr. Chetan Sharma.

As an acclaimed cardiologist and family physician, Dr. Sharma travels frequently to visit patients at their residents as well as in hospitals. He also works as a visiting consultant in some healthcareorganizations. His busy schedule as well as the thick files of patient reports that he carries while visiting patients, made his job difficult and managing the patients was becoming a tough task.

“There were days when I used to get late for my patient meetings at times for rearrangements of patient files and reports and prescriptions. Sometimes, I would have hard times in retrieving patient information and medications prescribed to them. It would take embarrassing shapes”, said Dr. Sharma.

The story has changed entirely from worse to best, as he came to know about mMR Lite. This advanced mobile app is created for doctors and healthcare professionals, and it comes packed with features perfected for patient management as it simplifies all the complications of medical treatment.

As a result of downloading this app, Dr. Sharma can not only store important patient details in his tablet, but can also use its pre-populated custom-templates for easy usage and enhanced productivity. As per the doctor he has not used something more wonderful than this before. He says that this superbly designed app made his life real easy.

A lot of time and energy is saved and at the same time, I can carry and access patient details anytime and anywhere, without struggling with the paper files. I have heard about these apps made for doctors from my colleagues but never paid any serious heed to any before I checked out mMR Lite and its features. It seems that the app has been created by another doctor who is perfectly aware of the problems we face while managing patient records”, says Dr. Sharma with a satisfied expression on his face.

Nonetheless, there are other competitive apps in the market with a similar approach, but mMR Lite lies much ahead of them with its all-inclusive features and their relevant benefits. One single app has all the benefits a doctor can think about. With just a single tap, the user can take multiple decisions like setting a preferred language of instruction, categorizing patients according to requirements, scheduling appointments using Google calendar and printing prescriptions on the go, and many more!The app requires no internet connection or high-fi infrastructure configuration to operate, and this adds to its advantages.

The app has enabled me to check the entire patient history, prescribed medication, treatment process as well as their X-ray reports with just few taps on my tab. I am sure nothing can work better than this”, concluded Dr. Chetan Sharma.

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