Get Free Spiritual Books of Ramana Maharishi and Nisargadatta Maharaj

Sep 12, 2019 · 3 min read

There have been plethora of books on spirituality and self help in the market. No doubt most of them are good and helpful, but there are two writers whose teachings have been very direct, they attack and destroys the ego of seekers by bits and pieces as you continue to read their books. I would strongly recommend below two books for spiritually thirsty person.

I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj

Be As You Are by Ramana Maharishi

I had both these book from quite some time but from past one month I have been studying their teachings seriously. It is very very simple and direct. My suggestion is these books must be read page by page very slowly, read one page today and contemplate upon what is being said and practise the method. These two books are like encyclopedia of spirituality. I am personally a big fan of Nisargadatta. He just rips apart your ego.

How to claim these for free ?

So those of you who want to get any one of these books, for them I am starting a mission to distribute hard copy version to the sincere seekers for free. My mission is inspired by the ISKCON’s Bhagavad Gita distribution campaign. Only difference is that I won’t be distributing the books on the street, anyone who puts a request here on this blog will get the book.

I will put aside some fraction of my monthly income just for this cause. Maximum 4 books will be shipped per month, If I get more than 4 requests then those extra requests will be in the waiting list and will get the books in next month cycle.

Please answer below questions and send me the answers through message or put a comment below. I will order and ship the book for you from Amazon at your address.

1. Which one of the above two books you want?

2. If I am benefitted by the teachings, then once I am finished reading these books, I will try to gift these books to someone else for their well-being and I won’t order more than one book from this blog. (reply with Yes to give your consent)

3. What is your full name, address and contact number where you want Amazon to ship this book?

Once I get your request, within 2-3 days I will send you the Amazon order number.

Please check the list of people getting free books so far from this campaign here at this link.

[ If you want to read ebook versions of these book then both these books are available online too.

Be As You Are -

I Am That -

Looking forward to hear from genuine spiritual seekers.

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