Isha Sadhanapada From Home Tips and Guidelines

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Sadhguru has explained the importance of intensifying our Sadhana in the upcoming few

months. In the yogic culture, the time between Guru Purnima and Mahashivaratri is viewed
as the most supportive for one’s spiritual growth . For a better understanding please listen
to Sadhguru’s full talk below.

For those of you who are unable to travel to the Isha Yoga Center, we are summarizing the

guidelines that were given to you on the webinar so that you can do Sadhanapada from
home to the best of your ability. The below are only guidelines and recommendations,
please implement what is possible for you taking into consideration your personal
situation, the people you live with and your work situation. None of these are mandatory.

1. Setting the Ambience, the Atmosphere around you

a. Better utilisation of your time:

If you spend a lot of time on TV, games, computer, mobile… it would be supportive
to reduce this time to the minimum possible (except if it is required for your
volunteering activity)

b. Social Media

Reduce time on Social Media. Keep it focused on Sadhguru’s wisdom and see how to
apply this wisdom in your life every day. Sadhguru’s Quote: Read it and spend some
time with it to see how to implement it in your activity. Instagram: Video posted
every day, Mobile App: stay in touch with new videos released of Sadhguru and also
any blog, article, event streamed.

c. Chants in the background

When you are at home particularly when engaged in your regular routine of cooking,
cleaning, washing or when you are commuting, it would be supportive to play the
Vairagya chant in the background for at least 1 hour a day. This will help you
establish a certain atmosphere within you and around you. For more information on
the Vairagya Chant, please visit

d. Lighting a lamp at home:

When you are at home or doing your practices, it is supportive to keep an oil lamp
lit. Lighting an oil lamp has a certain impact. Sadhguru says that “Sesame oil, Castor
oil or Ghee exudes a conducive field of energy. A certain etheric sphere will naturally
happen when a lamp is lit. Where there is an etheric sphere communication will be better. It fills the whole place with a different kind of energy.”

e. Make use of Sadhguru’s Photo

If you wish to establish a strong connection with Sadhguru, it would be supportive to
keep a photo of Sadhguru next to the lamp. It also works as a reminder for all the
months of Sadhana and can help you to stay on track.

2. Food

a. Consume positive pranic food. Avoid all the negative pranic food listed below:

● Garlic

● Onion

● Chili

● Brinjal (eggplant)

● Asafoetida (hing)

● Coffee (even decaf), Tea (including green tea). Herbal teas without Theine are

okay to drink

● Alcohol

● Cigarettes

● Any other nervous stimulants.

b. 50 % raw food in your diet is recommended. This will help you to be much more
alert throughout the day.

3. Practices (Sadhana)

a. Guru Pooja

● Have a shower before 5:30am

● Guru Pooja at 5.30 AM sharp. Sadhguru has set this specific time for us.
If you can’t manage 5.30 am, do it later if necessary but do not skip it. make sure it
happens every day.

If you have not learned Guru Pooja

( ▪ At 5:28am sit in ardhasiddhasana (like how you sit for Shambhavi) or
in Vajrasana (if you have completed the Shoonya meditation program)
with your eyes closed and your hands in your lap: right hand on top of
the left hand, palms facing upward. At 5.30am play the chant and
listen to it being totally involved with it. You should not do any other
activity when the chant is playing.

▪ Don’t try to learn the Guru Pooja as wrong utterance of the Sanskrit
words will not create the right impact. Just play the chant and be with it. )

If you have learned the Guru Pooja, you can chant it with Sadhguru or on your own. It would be good to perform the Guru Pooja when you have time. Otherwise you can visualize the offering the mentally.

● The Guru Pooja chant has never been shared before except with people who are
learning Guru Pooja. It is upon Sadhguru’s request that we are making it available to
you. Please maintain the sanctity of the chant: do not download it, record it or share
the link with anyone including people who are part of the Sadhana pada (they can
send an email to if they lost it). This is just for you. Much more can happen to you if you create an atmosphere of trust with Sadhguru.

b. Give yourself a crash course in Inner Engineering. Remind yourself of the aspects
you have learnt in the program.

● This crash course is not a memory test. It is simply about making ourselves a
little more conscious, a little more aware. So as Sadhguru mentioned during
the program, you can remind yourselves of what you have learnt, to
whatever extent you can remember. Simply sit with eyes closed and consciously remind yourselves, you will see it will work. In case you have not
done the Inner Engineering program, you can skip this step.

● It will be best if you can give yourself the Inner Engineering crash course
every hour no matter what activity you are involved with, try to apply the
Inner Engineering tools in every situation.

c. Continue with the invocation you have learnt in the Isha Hatha Yoga or Inner
Engineering program

d. If you have learned any form of Hatha Yoga with us continue with Hatha Yoga
practices in the same order as mentioned below:

● Upa Yoga (

● Angamardhana

● Surya Namaskar or Surya Kriya

● Yogasanas

If you have learned only some of the above mentioned practices, skip the practices
that you have not learned maintaining the same order for the ones you have

If you have learned all the Hatha Yoga practices, and find it too time consuming to
practice everything in one day, you can divide the practices as below:

- Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Upa Yoga, Angamardhana and Surya Kriya

- Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: Upa Yoga and Yogasanas

-Sunday: All practices in the order mentioned above.

If you need to refresh your Hatha yoga practice, please get in touch with the local
Hatha Yoga Teachers, or you can make use of the guided sessions available at the
Isha Yoga Centre in London or you can write to

e. If you have not learned any form of Hatha Yoga, continue with the preparatory
steps of the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya

f. If you have learnt Shakti Chalana Kriya as part of the Shoonya Intensive program, it
can be done after Hatha Yoga

g. Finish the practices with Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya

h. Close with the invocation

Additional guidelines:

● We encourage you to do the practices twice a day (if your situation permits).

● If you wish you can start your practices before 5.30am. Manage the time so that you
can start Guru Pooja sharp at 5.30 AM.

● You can do Bhuta Shuddhi (practice to cleanse the 5 elements in our system) before
Guru Pooja if you have been initiated into it. If it is not possible to do it before guru
pooja, it can be done afterwards.
● For those who have been initiated into Shoonya meditation, please ensure it
happens twice a day when the conditions are met.

● Those of you, who have attended the Samyama program, please keep up with the
Samyama practices.

● For those of you who can, we recommend 20 minutes of Sukha Kriya and 20 minutes
of AUM chanting at least once a day for the duration of the Sadhana Pada. Best is to
do it three times a day if your schedule permits. You need not be in empty stomach
to do Sukha Kriya or Aum Chanting. However, it is not ideal to do the practices
immediately after a meal. You can make use of the Sandhya Kalas If your time
permits (20 min before sunrise, 20 min after sunrise, 20 min before noon, 20 min
after noon, 20 min before sunset and 20 min after sunset)

● Everyday, irrespective of your physical location, the period from 6:20-6:30pm (your
local time), is an opportunity to experience Sadhguru’s presence. He has made
himself available to all of us. This time can be used to connect with Sadhguru using the consecrated chant. This chant is available on the Sadhguru app under
Yoga-meditate. It would be best if you can observe Presence time everyday. For
more on this -

● If for one day you drop your Sadhana, please start it off immediately the next day.
These are only recommendations. You need to establish a schedule for yourself that takes
into account the time that is available on your hands.

4. Sadhana Partner

We will partner you with another person from the Sadhana pada group to support you
during these few months. You will also support that same person to give their best every

This is not about sorting out your sadhana partner’s problems. Please do not turn into a
consultant. Just keep the other person inspired when a bit low. You can share some nice
articles quotes, videos or blog from Sadhguru or share your own experience.

Please do not use this opportunity to create new relationships, establish connections for
your business or to confide in your partner. It is a support for your sadhana and should not
be used for any other purpose.

5. Volunteering

What is the Significance of Volunteering during Sadhanapada?

“This needs to be understood, sadhana is not just closing your eyes. If you want to become
meditative by your own nature, you have to expend certain things. If you do not dismantle
certain karmic structures, you will not meditate in your life. You have to create a situation
for it. All the walls must be beaten down and activity is the best way to do that. Intensely
focused activity will beat down karmic walls much more easily than trying to do it with eyes
closed.“ -Sadhguru

You can read more about volunteering here-

For those of you who wish, you can make use of the platform of volunteering that Sadhguru
has established for us. Volunteering is a tool to break our boundaries and our limitations at
a much faster pace. It helps us work on our willingness (openness) and our receptivity.

6. Sadhanapada support structures

During this period of Sadhanapada, we will creating various support structures that you can make use of. These include the following -

1. Monthly online meetings-

We will be having monthly online meetings where you
can get doubts regarding practices clarified and share your experience. We will also

be watching some Sadhguru discourses and on occasion, going through some


2. Whatsapp Group for support-

We will be creating a whatsapp group to support you.
We will be posting special content in relation to SadhanaPada on a regular basis. You
will also be able to share your experience of SadhanaPada on certain days. Those of
you who wish to you can join the group by mentioning your consent on the
registration form

3. At any point if you have any queries, you can write to

Please consider all the above as guidelines. Nothing regarding practices or volunteering is
compulsory. If you decide to participate in this, please fill the registration form at . This can be a wonderful period for self transformation and
growth. We wish you a great sadhana pada time.

With Joy

Isha Volunteers


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