How to Target Well in AdWords When Budget Is Thin

Target Well With… Search Keywords

As we look at targeting well in SMB Paid Search accounts, the first (and most obvious place) to look is the keyword.

SMB Keyword Tip — SKAGs

First, we have the keyword. Since my assumption is that the reader of this post has Paid Search experience (if not, don’t worry about it and just hire a PPC expert to deal with the specifics) we won’t be getting into the specifics of what a keyword is. Rather, we’ll skip to tactical details.

SMB Keyword Tip — KW Research on a Budget

Another issue I know can be common in small budget accounts, is keyword research. If you’re in a small agency, or a consultant, or just running a smaller account without a lot of money behind you, then you don’t have the money for an awesome streamlined, competitor and keyword research tool with a monthly plan.

SMB Negative Keyword Tips

As we continue to look at targeting for the Limited Budget PPCer, it’s worth noting a few things regarding negative keywords.

Target Well With… Search Audiences

Now that we got keywords out of the way, it’s time to investigate the next way that the small PPC account manager can use Padme-like (in continuing the Star Wars analogy) aim to invest their budget well.


RLSA is an acronym for Remarketing Lists for Search Audiences. This is a means of layering on retargeting audiences to traditional search visits, and can be a hugely positive thing for limited budget accounts. The reason is because RLSA campaigns often see lower traffic, but it converts at a better rate… which is exactly what the person with limited budget wants to hear!


While we can’t discuss every way in which an SMB account can go up against the big-timers, hopefully this has shown you how you can target more accurately because you have the ability and time to dig into keywords and audiences and focus your budget specifically on where it makes the most tactical advantage since you don’t have a monumental account to consider. Efficiency is less a concern for you, so you can take the time to target as deeply as you want on that single keyword.

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