Menopause, The Last Taboo
Sherry Caris

Oh that resonates so much. I remember thinking my future Mother-In-law was a neurotic, bad tempered, disagreeable woman and we poked fun at her, sometimes reducing her to tears. When she got through the worst of her menopausal symptoms and became a very sweet lady I felt dreadful. Why didn’t anyone explain? I saw my own Mum go from glamorous and attractive (sometime compared to ‘Mrs Robinson’) to a little old lady over the course of a few years and dreaded the same thing happening to me. It has — I am now officially ‘invisible’ — but I don’t care any more. It’s quite liberating actually not to worry too much about how I look. My husband and sons still love me. I have more female friends than I have ever had. I have recently started a new business. I wish I’d been told not to worry — there is life, and good life too, after the menopause.

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