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Elegy for a Lost Future, Oil on Canvas, Paul XO Pinkman, Copyright, 2016

Grief is one of those things that many people know about, not everyone has experienced, yet most have some way of connecting to. The simple truth is that grief: gut-wrenching, wailing, tear-your-insides-out grief, can be a door to a deeper understanding who we are.

I am, for at least the third time in my life, experiencing how that deeper understanding works. With little fanfare and less warning, my youngest brother, Andrew, died of a heart attack while biking near his home in Newport Beach, CA. Was he overweight? Did he like to overindulge?Absolutely. But he also was a consistent exerciser and pushed himself hard to keep his body strong to handle his extra weight. …


Paul Edward Pinkman

Multi-faceted, complex, working to gain a higher level view of reality. Artist, designer, builder, creative thinker, small business entrpreneur, music lover

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