Excellent Resources in Industrial Metrology and Precision Turning Available

Leading precision engineering companies such as Precision Products Inc (PPI) in the US need several resources so that they can satisfy the different demands of its customers in fields that include power generation, defense, jet turbine fuel systems and aerospace. These resources include industrial metrology without which it would no longer be possible to manufacture precision products.

Industrial metrology is the exact science of measurement. All machine shops that make precise parts need a well equipped metrology laboratory. PPI maintains an extensive calibration on all its measurement devices. It is because of this intensive calibration schedule and its ISO 9001 2008 certification that PPI is able to assure its customers of the precise specification of all products. PPI has two coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

The larger of these is a Zeiss Contura that offers scanning technology as well as the capacity of reporting in order to carry out comparison of part with the tolerance sheet or the original blue print. PPI also has a Brown and Sharpe Mistral CMM. Both machines are certified to 2 microns. In order to achieve its CNC turning tasks, PPI has invested in Hyundai CNC lathes that are capable of producing top quality parts.

PPI has been manufacturing custom CNC and conventionally machined parts for over two decades. With the help of these machines, PPI is able to make new parts as well as reverse engineer existing parts. The company has a maximum machine capacity of 20” diameter and up to 37” between centers on its lathes. PPI also offers conventional lathes that have larger capacity as well. The CNC lathes are capable of tolerances down to +/- 0.0003”.

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