Gearbox Repair & Extruder Gearbox Rebuilding After Metallurgical Analysis By PPI Parts

Precision Products Inc., aka PPI Parts, is a reliable company that is committed to fabricate and supply critical parts required by various hi-end machinery. The company has gained vast expertise in designing such components using state-of-art hi-tech machines. The power transmission devices, such as gearboxes, are one such the vital segment of machinery that determines the production of the plant. PPI Parts usually respond to an emergency within 2–4 hours to pick for gearbox repair. The company employs state-of-art metallurgical analysis tools to ensure that any replacement and extruder gearbox rebuilding must conform to OEM quality and hardness.

PPI Parts offers replacement gears up to102-inch diameter and heat treat or carburize it for long gear life. To ensure smooth operation, the company provide ground gears or a class 10 finish. Besides company provides use of best parts, such as SKF bearings and dual lip Vitton seals and other established brands to rebuild a typical gearbox in 5–7 days when no gears are involved, and 6–14 days otherwise. The company also offers new replacement gearboxes from four major manufacturers.

Other than gearbox repair services, Precision Products Inc. offers a wide collection of machines and machine parts for various industries. These machines are used in oil & gas, pharmaceutical, mining, petroleum, aerospace, defense and much more. Precision Products Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management company. It adheres to rigorous standards of materials and machining to ensure that only finest products are delivered to the clients.

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