Who Makes Better Parts for Sidel ? — No One But PPI Parts !!

Precision Products Inc., has emerged as a leading manufacturer of sophisticated machine parts in three decades of its existence. Initially, the company concentrated its efforts to design and fabricate specific textile machine parts of branded lineup. However, ten years ago, the company diversified its service to a host of other industries, whose requirement of superior quality machine parts is crucial.

The company, however, continues to devote a significant portion of its production capacity to the textile sector. Also known as PPI Parts, the company paid attention to acquiring latest machines and trained professionals. The team of professionals forms the core of company’s operation. The company offers cost-effective solutions to specific machine part needs of customers. Not only precious or extremely hard metals, but the company also has expertise in working with any manufacturing material, whether ceramic or plastic. PPI Parts has been providing several high-grade quality textile extrusion parts. These include quality parts for Sidel, Superba parts, Neumag parts, Barmag parts, extrusion parts and much more.

With a vast machining capability under one roof, PPI Parts offers specialized services to a broad customer base. For yarn and filament sector of the textile industry, PPI Parts offers an extensive range of Extruder Parts, Extrusion Die Parts, Metering Pumps, Texturizing Jets, Idler Rolls, Spindles, Spindle Sleeves, Bearings, Cam Follower Bearings, and a range of replacement parts for Sidel, Barmag, Neumag, Filteco, Mackie Plantex machines for the texturizing industry. PPI offers superior quality parts for Sidel machines that conform exactly to the prevailing physical and material standards.

PPI Parts is an ISO 9001–2008 certified company that maintains rigorous quality standards at every stage of the production process to deliver the finest products. The company takes pride that there is no machine part that they cannot make.

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