Assignment due 10/16

Ellen: The above article addresses the conflict that has come up between the two parties when it comes to pin-pointing the issues . It seems that there is not one outstanding issue for the two parties to take sides on, so it makes it unclear what all the issues really are.

Ellen: In previous elections, the economy, for instance, had been the main topic of discussion but, as of now, there is not a huge issue to debate. There are only smaller ones and the parties cannot even agree on what those issues are, exactly. For instance, when it comes to gun violence, the Democrats see it as an issue of creating stricter regulations while the Republicans see it as a result of weak sentencing laws.

Negative Nancy Noah: Ellen, I think its more for reasons that media doesn’t think we find economic issues as newsworthy as they do gun issues or marijuana laws. The economy and financial discussions are often about taxes and laws that honestly, most Americans don’t really put much thought into. Who cares about bank stimuli when there’s guns to complain about. People care about gun violence, not necessarily interbank fees, and the media panders to our wants.

Ellen: Upon seeing this article, I fully realized just how much money is spent on elections. While I understand that the presidential election is an incredibly important event, as its result directly impacts us for at least four years, I think that the amount of money spent on campaigning is ridiculous and could be better spent for other purposes.

Negative Nancy Noah: But Ellen, the point is that the money spent on campaigns, from the perspective of both big business and small individual voters, is to elect someone who represents you. Realistically, its their money, they can spend it however they want.

Dan: I agree with Ellen that the amount of money spent on campaigning is ridiculous. Politicians are losing money as they continue spending on their campaign therefore they look up to fundraising in order to support their funding. Aside from that, I came across an article that brought up an issue inside Kansas and possibly is happening in other states. People are not allowed to vote unless they provide proof of birth certificate and citizenship. Many people don’t have access to their personal records despite being born in the US. Their eagerness to register for voting ends up with their forms being rejected due to inability to produce legal records. I think this raises an issue for both parties as they would not end up having votes added to their score.

Negative Nancy Noah: Dan, proof of birth and other forms of identification are important to combat voter fraud, especially in swing states. Also, she said she was “too busy” to get a form of identity, be it a driver’s license or a passport. In many states, she can get some form of voter identification while at the polling booth.

Dan: Republicans man. (I’m actually a libertarian, there’s a difference)

Hector: While the issue over voter registration that Dan brought up is undoubtedly important, the majority of the people affected by it have never voted before. Therefore I think the more pressing issue is how the presidential candidates plan on passing their proposals. As Ellen mentioned none of the candidates are on the same page regarding what issues to focus on, even within their parties. In last Tuesday’s debate, the democratic candidates failed to address how they would find common ground with a Republican dominated congress. Neither of the Democrats leading candidates, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, proposed any strategy for swaying congress and quickly moved on from the subject.

Dan: I think the same hector, both sides of the debate should get to common ground in order to create a better sense of unity within the nation. Avoiding the topic often seen as unprofessional; Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders should have confronted the subject.

Negative Nancy Noah: Hector has a good point, however, I would like to mention that both Hilary and Bernie are completely different as to which groups they want to appeal towards, so they, as leaders of the Democratic party. They won’t be swaying congress, one for being married to that one unnamed individual thing with Monica Lewinsky, the other one for being socialist.