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🚨 Active Procrastination Alert!

I lost focus, I lost myself in the quest to perfection. I’ve been “procrastinating actively” for the last 3 days on this… this stops now! These articles are supposed to be a daily log; journaling as commitment to build self-discipline.

I already had that kind of behavior in previous articles but I managed to keep it in line. This time it went way too far! So here’s the unfinished article. If I encounter something I actually would like to talk about in a real article, I’ll not loose myself in that here, in the journaling.

Vision Book

“Your destiny is determined by the choices you make. Choose now. Choose well.” — Tony Robbins


It’s a notebook where you write and lay out, where you express exactly, precisely all what you want to be, have, and experience in your life, your dreams and desires, everything you wish to come true… and it’s like a genie in a bottle, but with unlimited wishes, not just 3! 😉

You can also do that as a vision board if you want to hang it in plain sight for easy viewing. It can also be done digitally.

It can be as simple as sticky notes or be an elaborate collage. It can simply contain texts, bullet points, pictures but you can also draw or paint, write poems, etc. There are no rules about the format or the way it looks, just express yourself freely the way you want to.


It’s designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. It can also help with your visualizations and affirmations.

My definition: It’s a process aiming to precisely define the specifications of your life, intended for both your mind and the Universe, in order to make it real.

It will program your mind to look for opportunities and figure out how to make it happen.

“Success and living an incredible life is no accident, you have to do it on purpose. It starts by knowing exactly what it is that you want to achieve, knowing why you want to achieve it, knowing the kind of person that you need to become in order to make it happen, and then programming your mind to make it happen.” — Carrie Green


In her excellent video “One book to change your life (vision book)”, Sorelle Amore goes through the process, explaining what she did and how.

And below, I explain what I will do.

Sorelle Amore: “One book to change your life (vision book)”

??? Psychology

Primary Love Needs

Fulfilling a primary need is required before one is able to fully receive and appreciate the other kinds of human love.

Women: caring, understanding, respect, devotion, validation, reassurance.
Men: trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, encouragement.

Emotional Guidance System

👍 Good: enthusiasm, joy, appreciation, passion, love, happiness, optimism, hope.
👎 Bad: Despair, fear, anger, frustration, pessimism, blame, hatred.

Massive Action & Belief Cycle

“Make it so today is not like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different forever.” — Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins: How to take massive action and get massive results [14:52]

Law of Attraction

The Creative Process

  1. State as already done, with certainty and positive emotions.
  2. Have faith and let go. No attachment, no lack, no doubt.
  3. Take (massive) action.
  4. Stay open to receive (bring yourself in alignment with what you want).

Common Misunderstandings

Things won’t magically appear/happen! The Universe will provide you with everything you need to make it happen.

??? “Everything you need” may include things that seem negative, counterproductive, difficult, not working, or not going in the right direction.
For example, something you ask for may require certain abilities that you don’t have. So the Universe will make you go through experiences that will allow you to develop those abilities.
??? The Universe may not always deliver exactly what you asked for… because it knows better and always does what’s best for you… even if you don’t see it at first… but you will eventually. Stay open, keep the faith and enjoy the journey.

So, let go… and it will come. Set and forget. The more control you’re trying to have, the further it is away. By being in control, you’re in a lack vibration.

  1. Detach from the outcome. You can set your intentions multiple times but don’t be impatient about the result, don’t be thinking why is it not happening yet, let the energies flow towards you. The more you’re thinking about the outcome, the tougher it is for you to actually let go.
  2. Live in the now. Take action and focus on what you’re doing in every single moment. Doing so you naturally detach from the future, from the outcome.
  3. Who am I not to trust? It reminds you that you’re not creating by yourself. We are One, we’re all part of the Creator. You’re co-creating with an energy that is bigger than you, more powerful… that even created you!
Master Sri Akarshana: 3 Secrets to Let Go & It WILL Come (100% LOA Success) [9:09]

How To Write Good Goals


Define SMART goals:

  • Specific: Be very specific, and certain, about what you’re going after.
  • Measurable: Quantify, provide an indisputable value.
  • Achievable: Be realistic with your expectations.
    For example you won’t believe in “lose 10kg/5lb fat by tomorrow”.
  • Relevant: Make it aligned with you, your life, your timeline, your long-term objectives.
  • Time-Bound: Specify when the result(s) can be achieved.

Some examples of bad and good…

I want to be happy.
⁉️ Way too vague. What makes you happy? Remember, you’ve unlimited goals!
👉 I am surrounded by friends with whom I live enriching experiences.
👉 I travel all over the world to amazing places where I enjoy being.
👉 I participate in meaningful projects that help people reach their full potential.

I want to be rich.
⁉️ What does it mean? How much is it? Specify an amount (and currency).
👉 I earn 1.000€ per day, as of March 17th, 2022.

I will lose 10kg/5lb fat by tomorrow.
⁉️ It’s physically realistic, will you believe it?
👉 I lose 1kg/2lb of fat a week, from next Monday until I reach 12% body fat.

I want to climb to the top of Mt Everest.
⁉️ But you don’t like hiking, nor going to the mountains, and you hate cold!
👉 I have personal surf lessons with the world champion. I’m finally surfing!

I want a Lamborghini… and I want to travel the world.
I want a big SUV… and I strongly believe we must reduce our CO₂ emissions.

I want to be a billionaire, one day.
⁉️ Is by the eve of your death fine? Specify a deadline.
👉 By March 17th, 2027, I have more than 1 000 000 000€ as usable money.

Scary & Exciting

Make it interesting and (a bit) challenging, adventurous; to motivate you to take massive action. Set yourself free, let your dreams express themselves. What do you really want?

Exciting: You must want it deep inside you with no hesitation at all. Do you want it? No “yeah it would be nice”, no “maybe one day”, only “FUCK YES!”

Scary: Magic happens out of our comfort zone… where it’s scary.
Watch below Will Smith explain what skydiving taught him about fear; in a very entertaining, funny but above all powerful manner.

I want to go a week on holiday at the Belgian coast. {while living in Belgium}
⁉️ Boring! Will you talk about that with everybody? Will you count the days?
👉 I am going with my 2 best friends for a 38 000 miles trip of 44 days across 11 countries to move, eat, and learn. {watch these!}

Will Smith on skydiving and fear [06:06]

Law of Attraction

Write everything in the present tense. If you write in the future tense, it will manifest in the future, every day, for ever. In the present tense, it’s immediately created, then it’s just a matter of getting there. It also reflects the conviction that it’s done, that it’s true right now.

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Be positive. Don’t use negations, nor negative words. Saying you don’t want something or using something in a sentence IS already fueling that with your energy.

Emotions (energy in motion) are key in the process. So your vision book must generate positive emotions inside of you; when you’re creating it as well as when you browse it. I believe that this is best achieved through a creative, artistic process (i.e. exciting visual collage instead of boring sticky notes).
Keep also in mind that emotions may fade over time. Will black ink phrases on sticky notes revive your inner fire?

Main Sections

Sorelle mentioned 8 categories : family, spiritual, mental, physical, social, career, financial, emotional.

These are great but… I’ll do it a bit differently, of course 🤷‍♂️😁
4 main sections and 7 areas of life.

Master Plan

This is the Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (cf. below “Switch”), the big picture of what I want my life to be, the high level and long-term objectives. This includes my life mission.

“What kind of things do you want people to be saying about the kind of life that you lived, about the kind of person that you were, and the kind of things that you achieved?” — Michael Gerber

More about this below in “Programming Your Mind For Success”.

Areas of Life

This is the major section containing all the specific details about what I want my life to be. To bring some structure, and ease the task, I divide this section in 7 categories…

  1. Body/Physical (physical): health, shape, abilities, strength/performances & appearance, clothes/look, character/charisma…
  2. Mind/Mental (mental, emotional): character/charisma, abilities, learn…
  3. Spirit/Philosophy (spiritual): beliefs, spirituality, inner child, life mission, consciousness…
  4. Relationships (family, social): lovers, friends, collaborators, people in general…
  5. Service (career, financial): projects, collaboration, work…
  6. Experiences (social, emotional): emotions, activities…
  7. Material (physical, financial): possessions, usage…


??? Dedicated to ways to earn and manage money, that is the means to get the means to make the rest real/happen.

??? Projects | Addendums | Progress

??? A dedicated vision board for each project (cf. services, work), as path to realization.



Use plenty of photos, quotes, symbols/metaphors, drawings, etc.

Find out what induces strong positive emotions deep inside you, things that make you “pumped”, excited like a kid on Christmas morning… running to receive the presents you asked for, being certain Santa brought them to/for you! 😉


To clarify the emotional, precisely state your goals in plain words, with a timeframe or deadline. It can be a simple sentence or a detailed story on multiple pages, whatever feels right to you.

??? One Step Beyond | What To Do Next

Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard

Applying concepts from the book “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard” (my notes).

Define a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal and a Destination Postcard showing:
• where we’re headed,
• why the journey is worthwhile, and
• the road and an overview of the journey.

  1. Direct the rational Rider: Provide clear understanding of the goal and the benefits. What looks like resistance is often lack of clarity.
  2. Motivate the emotional Elephant: Create emotional engagement to provide inherent motivation. What looks like laziness is often willpower exhaustion.
  3. Shape the Path: Change the environment to create the behavior you want. What looks like a people problem is often an environment problem.

Programming Your Mind For Success

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” — Henry Ford

What prevents you from doing things: fear (maybe just of the unknown), obstacles, lack of motivation… all starting in your mind, with your self-limiting thoughts.

If you want to live an incredible life and achieve amazing things, you have to get your mind to be on the same wavelength as you. You have to figure out the kind of person that you need to become in order to make it happen. Then program your mind for success.

❌ Stop focusing on your problems (i.e. fueling them with your energy), stop giving attention to your negative thoughts, doubts, and worries.

👉 Start paying attention to all your ideas (and intuitions) instead of shooting them down, instead of talking yourself out of pursuing them.
👉 Watch out for your negative thoughts and immediately replace/substitute them with positive ones that empower you, that help you towards your goals.

Carrie Green: Programming your mind for success (TEDxManchester) [15:31]

Keeping It Alive

Regularly look at your vision book, reading through it… and most importantly feel the emotions, being certain that everything has already been manifested for you and you’re on the path to it.

Depending on your available time and will, it can range from just a quick scan (watching the emotional/visual content) to a relaxed thorough read, of all or just some parts.
You can for example quickly scan it every day, first and last thing of the day. And once a week during the weekend, read it all.


Research shows that visualization helps you build skills, just as if you were actually doing it. By doing that, feeling it and savoring that moment, you’re reprogramming your brain, you’re changing the network of neurons that act as a filter so that your mind will start looking for opportunities rather than looking for all the reasons not to do it (out of fear).

This also reinforce your belief as Tony Robbins explains in the video above (see “Massive Action & Belief Cycle”).

How to do it:
Think about your goal, see it happening/happened and focus on how it feels like, on the emotions it generates in you… and savor that moment.

Mel Robbins on visualization [10:02]


Gratitude is simply cultivating a genuine appreciation for what we already have. It promotes optimism and helps us to develop a more positive outlook. It lets us pause for a moment to reflect on things we have in our life right now instead of always striving for more.

The vision book helps us to project ourselves in the future and gratitude allows us to stay in the present moment.

How to do it:
Write down a list of “I am grateful for …”, physically on paper, do not just think it.
Specific is better than general. “I am grateful for the discussion and laughs I had with Margot today” instead of “I am grateful for my friends”.
And as always, while doing that, feel the emotion of gratitude inside you.

When to do it:
Ideally do it every single day. The best times are first and/or last thing of the day. Of course, you can also do it right after a pleasant event or whenever you feel it.


Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. Repeating them often, and believing in them, reprogram your brain, train your mind to think in a more positive way.

This is especially helpful to change your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. Watch for them and write a positive affirmation to flip it, to eradicate it from your mind (or write it down to find a good affirmation later).

How to do it:
• Think about the areas of your life that you’d like to change.
• Be sure that your affirmation is credible and achievable.
• Turn negatives into positives.
• Write your affirmation in the present tense.
• Make it personal, starting with “I” (ideally “I am”).
• Say it with feeling, with an emotional weight.

When to do it:
Usually first and/or last thing of the day. The more often you do it, the better.

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“Utopian” with an unconventional way of perceiving the world. ~~ 🇧🇪Brussels, Belgium

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Pascal Polleunus

“Utopian” with an unconventional way of perceiving the world. ~~ 🇧🇪Brussels, Belgium

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