Is there somewhere?

Eyes that are as unforgiving as a thousand seas

She’s struggling to let the words escape

For behind that plastered smile on her face

Lies another universe of reality.

And she whispers three shattering words.

Is there somewhere?

The kids on the bus will leave her alone

And her hair will fall perfectly like the actress’ on T.V

A place where bliss will touch her heart,

A place where she will be eternally free?

“Little bird, don’t you worry”

The old lady’s voice echoes into the void.

Y’know the world’s a dark and cold-blooded place

It took your parents and tore them to pieces

But I won’t let it take you the same way.

And she tucks the girl in to kiss the bruises on her face

As the sun goes down and the cold settles in

The moonlight lulling over her pale, wrinkled skin

And she’s staring at the constellations again

Is there someplace, somewhere?

She’ll be dancing in his loving arms.

And they’ll skip pebbles across the lake like the good old days,

Before he was consumed by the callous of the storm.

Is there somewhere so dazzling, so bright?

Where the birds will sing till their hearts’ content

The clouds will never conceal the beauty of the moon

And the music of the rain will be euphoric to the soul.

Sweet little one, don’t you shed another tear

I heard there is a There, it’s quite beautiful indeed

And before the angels come to take me away

I’ll make sure your wings carry you to that place.

~Pratya P ❤

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