Oddly Enough

Everything comes in pairs of two.

Shoes. Gloves. Salt and Pepper shakers.

The inseparable couple holding hands at the café down the street.

The popular clique that refuses to let any outsider sit with them.

Because for everything we do, and for every human being we talk to, society forces us to do it evenly.

All our lives, we’re told to do things the even way. It may not lead us to the highest of peaks or the longest of rivers, but it’s definitely the safer route. The thing is, what happens when we’re forced to step out of that bubble where everything is perfectly divisible by two? Mathematically speaking, it is impossible to divide an odd number by an even number without receiving a remainder of one. Whether there are 29 units or 299, there is always going to be one left. And yet, it’s the odd ones like those that are pushing society forward.

Let me explain it to you with an example. I’m at the point in life where college applications are the greatest of concerns, and we’re supposed to come up with a unique way to shape our resume. However, we’re caught in a paradox which wants us to do something odd but put on an “even” image that makes us perfectly acceptable to the standards of society.

Going to a school in the Silicon Valley takes things to a whole new level, because standing out of the crowd is something along the lines of being the next Mark Zuckerberg. But the thing is, the big image that we have in our minds, gets pushed away with our fear of being different. Little things. Waking up everyday. Throwing on the same hoodie and pair of jeans. Going to the same classes in which the same kids raise their hands and the same ones get in trouble, and eating with the same people that you eat with every single day.

No matter how trivial this may seem, I like to take a little pride in being “odd” by starting to show my work to the world by putting it on a website. And however trivial it might seem to everyone else, it’s your judgement that counts.

Because oddly enough, the first step to reaching infinity is stepping out of the bubble that society calls “even.”

~Pratya P❤

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