21 Days Until Start Date at the Learner’s Guild Oakland!

Today marks my 21 day count down to starting my Software Engineering Apprenticeship at the Learner’s Guild! I’m very anxious to begin, but so thankful I have a little time going in to get things sorted. Fortunately I’m not too backlogged on pre-course prep work (called the runway). I was fortunate to complete the FreeCodeCamp Front-End Web Development Certification prior to applying at Learner’s Guild. Much of the required material comes from that coursework.

One of the reasons I’m fortunate for this experience is the personal transformation I heard many learner’s talking about. In my personal circumstance, I’m used to making a lot more money than the $1500 living stipend. But the funny thing is, part of my resistance to doing a program was my hangup on how much I USED to make. I would already be past that hurdle if I followed my original guy instinct. I’d have benefited from making a few more bold moves early on (apart from self-learning coding).

I’m actually excited about the opportunity to push myself to live well below my means. To give you context, when I had my high paying job, I spent over half of my take-home income on rent alone. This opportunity is allowing me to see a simpler life, outside the context of the traditional system. It’s also changing my outlook on how I want to earn and spend my money. This is the lesson I’ve been patiently waiting for, and it’s finally presenting itself.

On March 24th, my current sublet in Oakland ends. As of now my husband and I are looking for housing. I remember having this feeling of panic whenever I’ve had to move in the past. Here recently I’ve found so much peace and rest in the energy of allowing. Just like the allowance of the opportunity to be a learner at the guild! Rather you’re reading this before or after this transition for me… please take a moment to put out some good vibes for me! I’m feeling a very good opportunity for stability and grounding coming for me and my little family.

I’m sure this blog will get more technical as time goes on and I begin working on projects at the guild. Until then, I wanted to put forth the intention to succinctly explain my background and journey into software engineering. I plan on doing that over the next few weeks as I reflect on my career up to this point in preparation for a new journey at the Learner’s Guild. But first, an extensive look at the preparation I did to prepare to make my career transition.