And now back to your regularly scheduled dense technical blog posts!!! Core Algorithms… things you didn’t know your brain could ponder.

It’s Friday again and I’m hanging out doing my retrospective. This week was challenging for me in different ways. I banged out 12 algorithms in a little under 2 days. Which was surprising given the fact that I thought this week would push me. The unexpected challenge was of interpersonal nature. I’m used to always being a team player, but I honestly came into this week with the wrong mindset.

I came in Monday with the goal of working solo. The algorithm did not favor that request and I was placed in team. You never really realize how much stuff you hold back from saying until you actually have to say it. For that reason, I am abundantly grateful for my pair, and the challenges that came up. Considering yourself a ‘team player’ when you are being less than is a huge lesson in humility. A lesson I won’t soon forget.

This week I worked on core algorithms. There isn’t much to say about them, other than they really force you to think at different ways in which to think about problems. I’m fortunate to have taken a course on Data Structures and Algorithms for interviews. So the real challenge was actually just writing my implementations in JavaScript instead of Python. All in all I was able to complete 12 out of the 15 algorithms while my partner held down the other 3 in mathematics. Below are our solutions! All tests passing!

And that about sums up my week. I may skip the basics in favor of throwing myself a real challenge next week and jumping on a full-stack app. But time will tell, I’ve learned the algorithm does whatever the hell it wants lol.