A Year of Running

It’s been one total year of me running. Time flies and I’m proud of myself. I have never been serious about exercising in my entire life before. Past 4 years, I had been writing my New Year’s resolutions about losing weight, starting swimming, jogging, and I NEVER do it.

I don’t know why I can run this far both in distances and times throughout the year. I’m indebted to Yodsawe, a brother who invited me to go running. I want to thank Bell, a friend of mine who works as a therapist and always gives advice, and P’Noi, a runner who gives lots of advice on running. Many thanks are also given to GPS runner group friends, a group with scientific running plans and inspiration.

At first, it was just to lose weight. Then, the 10K run happened. In January, I did my first half-marathon, and it’s just a blasting feeling of joy and happiness, when you can achieve something you have trained for months.

There are many more distances to achieve.

Let’s go running!

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