Lomo LC-A 35mm

Since I have known and learn photography, I had been using Lomo Fisheye 2 for 2–3 years as my first camera and it’s film camera. At that time, I was about 19 years old, I just wanted to buy LOMO LC-A+ but I couldn’t afford that much money. From that time, LC-A, the legend of Lomography, has been on my top wishlist camera ever. Now, 6 years have passed, and I bought my own Lomo LC-A camera, (a second-handed camera because the factory wasn’t making them anymore, only LC-A+ are in the stores)

Well, the LC-A is kind of similar to LC-A+. The difference is that the plus one can be taken, double exposure, and newer in stock.

Luckily, my LC-A is in a new condition and I have got it only for 2,600 THB. (around 75USD)

The photos from this post are my camera testing using the cinematic film, Kodak vision3 250D.


Beginning the shot with my house windows!

Dicky! She’s very friendly and likes to chase birds, rats, and squirrels. (The LC-A camera has 4 zoning focuses. These photos might have blurry due to my mistake. T____T

On the express train to Suratthani, Thailand
At the platform 2
The Chubby Girl^^

This photo really impressed me. The subject and atmosphere were in a low light condition, but the camera did a great job. And I love the unexpected color and tone of it.

Thai Temple

the above picture was a bit odd as I looked in the viewfinder I was able to see the top of the left coconut tree then I snapped. That’s what happened with point&shoot camera. But I wasn’t disappointed much. Sometimes you gotta expect what’s unexpected.

Hip shot!

Now I understand that the camera may not have a high speed shutter to capture!

The camera did great in a low-light condition! Better than I expected.

I thought it was a red-scale film, but No.

To be honest, LC-A is a good point&shoot camera and the results surprised me. This is the feeling when you shoot film camera. You learned things step by step. One thing I want this camera to have is a double-exposure feature. (gotta go for a LC-A+ then haha!)

I hope you enjoy the photos, and feel free to comment or leave any recommendation.


Sunset Silhouette