Laravel & Lawns
Taylor Otwell

My father is also a person like you said. He could build anything from some pieces of materials he can get his hand on. Most of the time his helpers would be me and my siblings, I did find it very frustrating to work with him. cause for every time he polishes and refines his work. For example, he would like to put a clock on the wall he would think about it, call us and ask about the best position to fit it, then he tries to nail and hang the clock on the wall, Then he removes the clock and plucks the nail, Then he finds another place for clock. and the same thing goes on. This happens for every small task. But at the end, the clock would be in a far better place than we imagined. Even though we were frustrated during the task, at last, we all go happy. I think the polishing part has the same importance like getting the work done. Despite his attitude and my frustration, I find it very interesting that my father would be one of the first person in my neighborhood(It’s a very remote village) to seek an advice over his area of expertise, I think I know the reason. Happy refining.