Best co-working spaces in Hanoi

I was very surprised by the number of nice co-working spaces in Hanoi. Not at all what I was expecting. Here’s a short summary of my favorite co-working spaces in Hanoi (so far).

Toong Coworking Space

This was my favorite mainly due to the location and atmosphere (nice, clean, and professional). I only visited their Trang Thi location, which was right at the south part of the Old Quarter. They also have two other locations in Hanoi, one in Danang, and one in HCMC.

Access: You can buy a day pass for 120.000 VND, or a monthly membership for 1.900.000 VND. Pretty affordable and about the same as other places.

Chairs: Decent chairs all around. They also have some cozy sofas and arm chairs in case you want to take a break from working.

WiFi: Overall really good and stable WiFi. It peaks at about 90 Mbit/sec. I managed to download some VM images at around 7–9 MB/sec. Not bad!

Power: It’s a co-working space so there’s pretty much power every where. Typical Vietnamese plugs (compatible with US plugs).

Food & Drinks: There’s always tea & coffee available, and free snacks. No proper food, but the location is close to the Old Quarter so there are plenty of lunch spots around.

Pro Tip: It was a bit tricky to find. It’s in the same building as “Cowboy Jack’s”. Look for entrance with the number “8” above it, and head to the 3rd floor. The co-working space has two floors (3F and 4F). The 4th floor is nicer and quieter (but I preferred the desks on the 3F).

Moonwork coworking space

Another co-working space within walking distance from the Old Quarter. The area isn’t as close to the Old Quarter as Toong, but still pretty close. Overall, this space felt more “community-y” rather than like a “professional” co-working space. A bit dirty and messy. The people running the space were younger, but super friendly & helpful.

“Jelly” café on 2nd floor.

Access: I can’t remember how much I paid for a day pass, but I think it was 120.000 VND. They offer a monthly membership for 1.850.000 VND.

Chairs: Mixed. There are some soft/office chairs, but also hard wooden chairs. Arrive early to make sure you can get a good seat.

WiFi: Pretty stable WiFi. There were only some minor issues over the course of a full day there.

Power: Again, plenty of power. I had some issues with my US plug though, until I found one that worked for me.

Food & Drinks: This was probably the highlight. You can order lunch at the co-working space. I don’t know where it came from, but the steamed rice with pork was really good! There’s also a café on the 2nd floor. They have some interesting “jelly” + tea drinks.

Pro Tip: This place was pretty easy to find. Once you find the building, take the elevator up to the 4th floor (and the café is on the 2nd floor).

UP Co-working Space

A pretty cool co-working space, but unfortunately quite far from the Old Quarter (about a 15–20 minute drive). I used Grab to get there and back. I haven’t visited their second location in Hanoi. They’re also opening a third location in June 2017.

Access: They offered a free test day when I arrived (which was nice). Otherwise you can buy 3 days for 200.000 VND, or a monthy membership for 1.500.000 VND

Chairs: Mixed. There are some soft/office chairs, but also hard plastic chairs. Even though I arrived quite early it was a bit tricky to find a good chair. It seemed that most of the spots with office chairs were “fixed desks”.

WiFi: No major complaints. Decent (but not great) WiFi.

Power: Again, plenty of power. Some tables weren’t plugged in though…

Food & Drinks: Free tea & coffee available. I ate lunch at the restaurant just outside the building. It felt more like a “restaurant” than a lunch spot. Not great, but not bad.

Pro Tip: Entering the co-working space was “interesting” ;) Take the elevator up to the 8th floor. You’ll be greeted by a completely dark room. Follow the spotlight to the door and press the green button.