Best places to work from in Malmö

Looking for a new place to work from in Malmö? Here’s a list of my favorite co-working spaces, cafés, professional spaces, and other spots that I’ve discovered in Malmö.


Box Space

My favorite place in Malmö. For just 1900 SEK/month you get 24/7 access to this great spot right by Gustav Adolfs Torg in central Malmö. Tea/coffee included, great WiFi, calm and friendly atmosphere, printer, and a conference room. Great value for money. The space just recently opened so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a new place.

Cons: If it wasn’t for the hard chairs this place would be perfect for me. It would be nice if there were some cushions at least.

UPDATE: Cushions are now available! :)


One of the core startup locations in Malmö, and a great friendly spot to meet people, grab some lunch/coffee, or get some work done. Free tea/coffee + there’s a decent lunch restaurant in the building.

Cons: WiFi reliability/speed isn’t great. The open-space area can get pretty noisy. So be sure to find a quiet corner or bring some noise-cancelling headphones if you need to focus.


House of Ada

A very cosy and modern space in central Malmö. If you’re looking for a quiet professional space with proper desks and chairs and very fast WiFi then this is definitely one of the best options. Their full-time membership costs 2950 kr/month, which feels like a pretty good deal.

Cons: Not suitable for short-term membership.

United Spaces Malmö

A high-end, modern, and well-designed workspace that’s cozy, quiet, and comfortable — and the staff is super friendly. If you’re looking for quality facilities and infrastructure then this place is probably as good as it gets. There’s a large open lounge area, flex office areas, private office rooms, kitchen, lots of meeting rooms, and phone booths. Membership also includes unlimited tea/coffee, and fruit, breakfast, candy on certain days throughout the week.

Cons: The cheapest option starts at 2 900 SEK/month, which gives you access to the lounge area. If you want a flex membership with a proper desk and chair you’ll have to pay 4 900 SEK/month. It’s expensive compared to many other options, but the standard and quality is very high.



A large café in central Malmö. Be sure to check out the second floor, which offers plenty of seating and lots of power outlets.

Cons: I’ve heard from some that it can get pretty busy/loud at peak hours. I was there on a Sunday afternoon though, and it was pretty much empty.

Djäkne Kaffebar

The café is run by a local tech company, and it’s a popular destination in the startup scene. They offer a quiet and friendly atmosphere and focus on quality coffee. They also offer a co-working membership giving you access to the second floor. I have yet to test that though.

Cons: WiFi could be better and the seats in the café/open-space were pretty hard. I couldn’t really stay for too long.

Espresso House (Stortorget)

There are plenty of Espresso Houses to choose from (most of which are pretty decent options). In particular I like this spot for the location, and the counter-seating (with comfortable chairs).

Cons: As with most cafés, this place tends to get pretty busy/loud at peak hours. Mornings and evenings are pretty chill though.

Cafe Live

A cosy café and lunch spot on a side street by Malmö Live. There’s plenty of seating, drinks, and food choices.

Cons: I think it’s a popular lunch spot, so it’s probably best to go in the morning or afternoon if you’re looking for some quiet.


Living Room Café @ Malmö Live (Clarion Hotel)

I recently found this hidden gem. Past the lobby of the hotel at Malmö Live you’ll find the “Living Room Café” space. I guess I would best describe it as a lounge area. There are tons of couch/sofa corners, but also large work tables. There’s also a bar area where you can buy drinks — but the great thing about this place is that there’s no need to buy anything if you’re just looking for a place to sit and get some work done.

Cons: Limited number of power outlets. Also I think the WiFi requires registration, which is a bit annoying.

Let me know if I’ve missed your favorite spot!