Blaze Up the Excitement! “3KH — Three Kingdoms Hot Heads” by Gen Play

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4 min readMay 16, 2024
Mr. Jason Yang (CEO of Tendo Company) / Mr. Chintanat Thanomnankul (CEO of Gen Play Company)

It’s time to unleash a new game, catering continuously to gamers’ hearts. Gen Play has recently revealed the name of their new game, expected to be launched within Q2 of this year 2567! Introducing the mobile game “3 Kingdoms Hot Heads,” a revamped rendition of the legendary Three Kingdoms, promising even fresher vibes while retaining the essence familiar to fans.

Mr. Chintanat Thanomnankul (CEO of Gen Play Company), a game service provider in Thailand, along with Mr. Jason Yang (CEO of Tendo Company), participated in the signing ceremony to collaborate on the mobile game project “3 Kingdoms Hot Heads,” officially granting Gen Play Co., Ltd. the rights to operate it in Thailand.

Tendo is a company with a team of experts and extensive experience in both service provision and game development in China, having released various genres such as MMORPG, JRPG, SLG, Turn-Based, Casual, and more.

The game “3KH — Three Kingdoms Hot Heads” is developed by Beijing Mihua Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., known for their successful development of Three Kingdoms games, which have topped the charts as best-sellers in both Korea and Taiwan.

The game “3KH — Three Kingdoms Hot Heads” is a mobile Action 3D game, drawing its storyline inspiration from the famous Chinese novel “Three Kingdoms” but injecting it with even more freshness and excitement through animation and beautiful in-game graphics, allowing players to indulge in the stunning visuals, lighting, colors, and spectacular sounds within the game.

The highlight of the game “3KH — Three Kingdoms Hot Heads” focuses on intense combat within vast battlefield maps, with a Birds Eye View perspective allowing free control, real-time combat, and responsive skill combos, playable both solo or with friends within the game. Whether it’s PVP or PVE, it comes with multiple competitive modes such as World Boss, Fortress Defense, City Conquest, Close Combat Warfare, Test Passages, Trial Fields, Team Showdowns, and much more content to explore, with over a thousand stages! It also comes with the ultimate in-game welfare system for commanders joining the adventure, guaranteeing non-stop rewards.

So, come and join the new gaming experience with “3 Kingdoms Hot Heads,” available in Q2 of the year 2567!

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