Gen Play and ESTgames jointly announced The Legendary IP “Cabal Red” Revealed at Thailand Game Show 2023

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5 min readOct 21, 2023


When mentioning to “Cabal”, it’s evident that Thai gamers are well-acquainted with this legendary IP that has held a special place in players’ hearts for over a decade. Over the past period, there have been exciting news about the developer’s latest project, “Cabal Red”, generating a great deal of enthusiasm among devoted fans of this IP. They have all been eagerly anticipating news about its potential launch in Thailand.

From left to right, the order is as follows: Mr. Chintat Thanomnanakul (CEO) of Gen Play Co., Ltd. / Mr. Hyung Baek Lee (CEO) of Gen Play Co., Ltd.

Recently, it can be called great news for Thai gamers who have been eagerly awaiting it. Gen Play surprised everyone with a special event, where they officially announced their partnership with ESTgames to launch “Cabal Red” in Thailand during the Thailand Game Show 2023. This exciting event took place at the Sirikit National Convention Center on Friday, October 20th. Gen Play made a grand entrance, truly celebrating the legendary status of the Cabal IP, with a spectacular presentation filled with lights and sounds.

Mr. Hyung Baek Lee, CEO of ESTgames Corp., expressed his feelings about collaborating with Gen Play, saying, “We are grateful to all Thai Cabal users for their hospitality and unwavering love. We also hope that the company’s vision, which has a longer-term and global goal rather than immediate results, will be recognized overseas first and properly supported. I am very happy to have found a good partner who can provide our vision. We will improve the level of perfection of CABAL Red, which is currently under development, and provide stable services not only in Korea but also overseas, starting with Thailand, to reach many users from Korea and abroad.”

Mr. Chinnatat Thanomnantakun, CEO of Gen Play Co., Ltd., expressed his feelings and business plans regarding the collaboration with ESTgames. He thanked ESTgames for trusting Gen Play to launch “Cabal Red” in Thailand. Their business goal is to make Cabal Red widely popular among diverse groups of Thai gamers, including both new-generation gamers and long-time Cabal enthusiasts who have been following the game for over a decade. To achieve these objectives, they will rely on strategic marketing and communication, ensuring high-quality services. They have also received support from their trusted partners, Taokaenoi Food & Marketing PLC. and its affiliated companies, to promote “Cabal Red” further. Moreover, they plan to organize a grand “Cabal Red” competition, offering prizes such as electric cars and other significant rewards valued at over 7 million baht, going beyond cash rewards and in-game items.

Mr. Hyung Baek Lee, CEO of ESTgames Corp., first revealed that “CABAL Red” is a cross-platform MMORPG utilizing the ‘CABAL Online’ IP (intellectual property rights), which has been loved by 30 million users around the world for 18 years, with a world view that inherits the original, and features such as ‘Battle Mode’ and ‘Combo System’. It features a new growth system that reproduces the taste of battle and stylish action while giving the fun of rapid growth, and multi-content based on various cooperative competitions. It is currently under development and aims to launch the service worldwide, including in Thailand, starting with a domestic launch.

Mr. Chinnatat Thanomnantakun, CEO of Gen Play Co., Ltd., also discussed the planned release schedule for the game in Thailand. He mentioned that “Cabal Red” is currently in the development phase, with their team closely monitoring the process and maintaining regular communication with the developers. Regarding the Thai server, both Gen Play and the developers will make every effort to open the service as quickly as possible.

From left to right, the order is as follows: Mr.Woraphan Khongkomonsakul (Director — Domestic Sales) of Taokaenoi Food & Marketing Public Company Limited. / Mr.Worapong Kietdumrongwong (Chief Revenue Officer) of Taokaenoi Food & Marketing Public Company Limited. / Mr. Chintat Thanomnanakul (CEO) of Gen Play Co., Ltd. / Mr. Hyung Baek Lee (CEO) of Gen Play Co., Ltd. / Mr.Poramin Chawla (Director — Domestic Marketing) of Taokaenoi Food & Marketing Public Company Limited.

Before concluding the press conference, there was one more special highlight that had never been revealed anywhere before — an exclusive video directly from the developer’s studio, showcasing the gameplay that gamers have eagerly awaited.

Additionally, there will be a mini-concert featuring the talented artist from the band “ALIZ” under Muzik Move Records, performing classic BGM songs from Cabal and other selected hit songs exclusively chosen for this event. Along with various activities and a grand welcome celebration for the launch of “Cabal Red”, there will be giveaways worth over 500,000 baht throughout the event. It can be said that this event will be a lively and grand celebration for the launch of the new game from the legendary IP.

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