Some Uses of Cryptocurrency You Might Not Know About

The words ‘cryptocurrency, ‘bitcoin’ and ‘mining’ might ring a bell to you. The internet certainly recognizes it — the digital world has been set ablaze by block chain technology and cryptocurrency in a few short years. A few years ago, bitcoin currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, Money Trade Coin and ethereum possessed a somewhat ambiguous reputation: the potential of an encrypted and peer to peer form of currency capable of direct transactions was desirable to many.

We haven’t even gotten to the good news, which is that the future of cryptocurrency only looks better and better with each passing day.
While we won’t be able to discuss that here, we can tell you what the uses of cryptocurrency are and why you should consider investing in it.

Instantaneous Payment, Globally
It can often take days for money to be transferred from country to country. That transfer also comes with a high processing fee. For large payments, that fee can be a hefty sum. Cryptocurrency takes care of both problems, as transfers are completed in a matter of minutes with a negligible processing fee.

Universal Acceptance
Imagine you’re in a foreign country and all you’ve got is Indian currency. You can’t pay for anything with that — it has no meaning to the citizens of the foreign country. But that’s not true with MT-Coin, bitcoin, ethereum and the like. You can use a Money Trade Coin anywhere, no questions asked. The value of one coin is the same here as it is in any part of the world. Unconstrained by global exchange rates, your money gets transferred faster and cheaper.

A Worthwhile Investment Option
Currently, this is by far the most popular use of cryptocurrency. That’s not a surprise: for all its growth, it’s still in the nascent stage and people are trying to make hay when the sun shines. The trend and analysis only indicate an upward growth for it, as does the historical picture. Case in point: take a look at the growth of the bitcoin since 2009.

Fraud Proof 
Unfortunately, we still live in a world where crooks cunningly attempt to dry your bank account through whatever means possible. A century ago, you could lose your money by being robbed in person. Today, it’s still possible to suffer from credit card charge backs and fraud. None of this is possible with digital currency. They are by their very nature immune to counterfeit and shady transaction tactics.

An Increasing Number of Tangible Real World Applications
Granted, cryptocurrency is not at the stage where you’re going to be able to walk into your local store and pay for a packet of chips with it. The real world applications are only just being investigated. Yet, industries as varied as travel, education and non-profit are already accepting cryptocurrency payment. Some airlines and universities have begun accepting digital currency.
All of the aforementioned is nothing but a preview of the transformation that cryptocurrency is set to bring. The wheels are in motion.

Shortly, Money Trade Coin a new age cryptocurrency with collective benefits will replace the old traditional method and become secured alternate local currency across the globe.

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