I’m not voting because nothing is ever going to change for the community that has suffered beyond belief and continues to hamper along with no true reveal of the end.
I’m Not Voting Because the Presidential Candidates Don’t Care About People of Color
Ezinne Ukoha

Hugs. I was born in this nation, I’m now in my 40s, and YES this election is a mess and reflects the worse off our collective society and you are a part of documenting it (and perhaps getting paid to create it with the mess makers for $). We are all a part of making it until we decide to STOP!

I did. As an activist, they arrested me and took my right to vote away from me. That was hard.

Now, somehow, here in California, a convicted felon may now register and vote — likely because, technically, our government doesn’t have enough people voting to consider the government legitimate consent supported, civil war and stuff. So, I decided to, because I had to decide if I believe in government.

I’m a great anarchist and life with out government works fine for me, yet, imho, the stupid of our society needs babysitters or government because we are Stupid, collectively.

I’m not worried about the election, #VoteSmart #VoteGreen2016 and read a platform that makes sense given what the smart people have told us about our weather and the oceans rising along our nation’s coastline.

It doesn’t matter if we win, it matters we’re TRYING to create the world we want to live in together. ❤

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