Metaverse: A futuristic world of endless possibilities

Metaverse: A futuristic world of endless possibilities!

There’s no denying that slowly and gradually, we are overseeing a clear visible trend of self-isolation-induced networked lives taking hold. From attending online classes to online meetings, a massive chunk of our daily lives is now lodged online. As technology is ever-changing and overlooking many advances over the last few decades, it has also altered and evolved the way we interact and connect.

One of the most recent developments in the world of technology growing in popularity is Metaverse, causing a stir among many professionals and industries. While everyone is into this, you probably would have a hard time wrapping your head around the Metaverse concept leading to a few tantalizing questions like what is it, why everybody is so furious to join and how you can get your foot in the door, right? No worries, dear reader. In this article, we will give you a high-resolution understanding of the spotlight that has prompted a new wave of reality.

Simply put, Metaverse is the concept entailing the vision of creating a shared and highly immersive virtual world where people, while confined to homes at their best comfort, can socialize in real-time, attend meetings and concerts, and can experience much more of what they can’t in the real world.

It’s like walking inside the Internet instead of just merely accessing it. You might have canceled your Goa plans a number of times before because of your friends or parents saying no to trips, but technology frequently induces surprises that nobody predicts! How astonished you would be to find out that you can finally take a virtual vacation and stroll down to the beaches of Goa with your friends. This may sound gibberish, but that is what Metaverse promises — to escape reality.

Based on the description above, we suspect that you have a vague idea of what this vast and emerging buzzword is all about. To thrive into the concept of Metaverse in detail, read this article in its entirety.

Let’s dive straight into what Metaverse is…

Metaverse — The New Reality

To begin with, the Metaverse concept is entitled to truly blur the thin lines between reality and virtual reality and span the digital and physical world by creating an interactive, immersive and collaborative 3-D environment. More specifically, it is a distributed ecosystem wherein people and assets represented in the digital form are allowed to connect, work, meet, play the game, and socialize together.

This hypothetical version of the internet is ultimately creating another reality, another world that is as lavish as the real world but beyond. To paint the picture more clearly in your mind, imagine buying and putting on a piece of digital clothing on your virtual doppelganger created digitally or working with your colleagues in a virtual office or studying in a group where a digital avatar represents everyone — sounds enthralling, isn’t it?

Adding on further, Metaverse is not mystical magic but a logical step in the march of technological evolution. And as the revolution accelerates comes ample opportunities. Indeed, this new bunch of world will dominate everything we are into right now, reshape social behaviour and undercut the real world in the near future.

You might get surprised, but Metaverse is already happening. Many industries have started to sail themselves affore in this advanced digital universe.

Scroll down to know which all industries are now racing to get their feet in the water to ride this wave.

Use Cases of Metaverse

If you have made it this far, well-done, pal!

Moving on further, with a basic impression of what Metaverse is, your eagerness to know what its use cases are might have gained momentum. The potential of this mainstream technology was hidden in the fog of hype until tech giants from across the globe and renowned companies like Facebook took note of the concept.

Let’s find out some emerging Metaverse utility in this insight –

  • Blockchain Industry

The technology that has gripped overwhelming popularity in recent times is Blockchain. If we’re considering Metaverse as the future of the world, then Blockchain can be called the future of technologies.

A big question mark that comes with this statement is how Metaverse and Blockchain fit together, right? To establish what Metaverse envisions and promises, it depends upon three foundational pillars, which include creator economy, connectivity technologies and decentralized infrastructure. You see, this is where blockchain-powered Metaverse finds its relevance. However, Blockchain has its own encouraging use cases like NFTs, Blockchain-based games, etc. That’s why Blockchain Metaverse is critical for strengthening the NFT marketplace, economy and gaming as well.

  • Workplaces

The recent pandemic unveiled the urgent need to adopt and utilize digital modes for communication, education, business and entertainment purposes. But there are some limitations to using such online mediums. To overcome these limitations, the Metaverse concept is in surging demand. It allows us to navigate through the virtual universe wherein we can coexist as…

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