What if I told you, that you could save 20% at any retailer you went to, and that every time you shopped, a portion of your sale went to charity?

Let’s say you are a business owner, you sell products and services right? Well what if I could interest you in an easy to use software that creates a tax break up to 30% for you?

Are you a charity or project looking for funding? Look no further! Here at Lytictail, we grant you access to a network of over 400 million consumers, all of which are dying to get you the project funding you need today!

Pitches like these are heard every day. Maybe not the content itself, but the abstract of it all is prevalent in today’s, hot shot VC pitches. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A SOLICITATION. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I prefer a little humor when it comes to introductions, for some reason it’s easier to relate. Not for you, mainly for me, knowing someone is laughing at me as they read is helpful writing the rest of this as it lays the footpath to my next lead in or swinger. My name is Joshua Dunn, I am the president of Lytictail. We are a non-profit based in Springfield,Missouri. We are the HQ for Bass Pro Shops, Andy’s Frozen Custard, and Convoy of Hope. When I don’t find myself working until 6 a.m. coding, I’m usually at home with my wife eating custard until my third button pops open on my over-worn joggers. Enough about me before this gets too intrusive, I know you’re a curious type so I won’t play into those primal desires of curiosity you might have about me now.

Lytictail is a software company/public charity/blockchain startup/bane of my existence sometimes. As with most startups, we need funding. But as with most “blockchain” startups, no one really trusts me. Heck, I don’t trust myself sometimes when it comes to reminding myself to let my dog out. Oh but it’s not a problem for him to lay good ole’ fashioned right in the middle of my bed. Two showers later should have taught me my lesson, lest I digress. I don’t really understand what’s the main narrative behind most “competitors” in my industry. Some of these guys(ICO’s) have amazing teams, like how do they do it? It took me two months just to get our website up, get a video made, and type up the whitepaper. Now I’m working on our ICO token. Where am I supposed to find time to put together an advisory board?

The other day I emailed and Facebook messaged at least 20 influencers and advisors. I got zero responses. I would appreciate a response, but most would say no one has time for my petty, insignificant charity case. A simple: “no” would suffice. Even a simple: “.” would suffice. Anything acknowledgement is appreciated, I’ve read your proposal, I’ve read your name, I’m not interested. Goodbye, try again once you’ve made Forbes Top 10.

Lytictail is a 501(c)3, so I thought if I made the comment, World’s First Tax Deductible ICO, that would for sure bring in the masses. I thought by saying we gave away 90% of our revenue to charity, that would slay. Lastly, I thought by hiring an animation agency to design a quirky explainer video, that people might say,” I have seen. Take my money!” I used one the greats too! The last ICO that used them raised around $20 million I think. Maybe this business just isn’t cut out for me.

If you’re interested in what we do, visit our website at http://lytictail.io.

If you’re interested in joining our team, email us at pr@lytictail.org.

Many Blessings,

Joshua Everett Dunn >< President @ Lytictail