Crypto Riddles : Chapter I

Crypto Riddles is a TTT game based on riddles & enigmas.

Chapter I : A journey to Ceres

By playing CR Chapter I, you will pursue a quest taking place more than 300 years in the future.


Year 2344, most of the solar system has been colonized. 
While Mars and Earth are at war for more than 3 decades, the asteroid belt, governed by Ceres, has recently gained its independence. 
Selling ice and fuel to both Martians and Earthlings ships, Ceres is playing a dangerous but lucrative game and a lot of people are trying to reach the dwarf planet to build themselves a fortune.
However, even if the reward could be substantial, the trip to Ceres is extremely dangerous.


During this chapter I, you will live an entertaining adventure for more than a month across the solar system, solving numerous riddles in order to win up to 100 000 TTT.

The game

Using clues from websites, movies, radio channels or even physical locations, you will progress from a riddle to another until you reach your final goal and win the CR Chapter I reward.
Moreover, you will be able to earn extra tips to solve the riddles faster by playing a daily TTT lottery and earning Golden SAN (More information about what a SAN is HERE).
When you are done with the information stored in the Golden SAN, you can simply sell the SAN on TTT’s marketplace to another player or exchange it for another Golden SAN with different information.

So sharpen your mind and get ready for the greatest crypto adventure of our solar system !

Website : Crypto Riddles
Twitter : @CryptoRiddles

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