The SAN revolution — Unique and ownable address names on the blockchain

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May 3, 2018 · 2 min read

Your Ethereum address is personal to you and you want to own it, just like your car. So why shouldn’t you have a deed to your address the same way you have deed to your home?

The SAN solution, an ERC721 token

The recent Ethereum Improvement Proposal 721 makes it possible by proposing a standard that allows for non-fungible tokens.
In combination with the TTT platform, we utilize the properties of ERC721 to assign ownership to each Ethereum address with a unique SAN (Short Address Name). These SANs are unique and owned by each individual address, validated through the blockchain, and can be used for transfers and traded in a decentralized manner with ease.
We will provide a marketplace on our platform where users can interact and transfer ownership of SANs. Our goal on the marketplace is to make passing the ownership of each unique SAN smooth and transparent, and provide history and usage analytics associated with each SAN.
Currently, ERC721 are used to attribute ownership of kitties in the cryptokitties game. What we intend to do is use the same concept and allow people to exchange SANs instead of kitties.

SAN’s Identity : A unique and personal image

Along with the custom SAN, we have developed an algorithm that will use each SAN to derive a unique 32 x 32 image. This image will directly connect to the owner’s address and can be used like the SAN as well.
Certain categories of users, such as youtubers and streamers, find it more convenient to post a small identity’s logo, our SAN Image, at the end of their video. Our app will also contain image reading capabilities, allowing tippers to scan SAN images at real world partner establishments, resulting in even quicker tipping.
TTT’s community members will have the choice to display their SAN, their SAN Image or both of them, knowing they all connect to their TTT address.

The CNS : SANs on Ethereum’s blockchain

Once we have the system fully working on our platform, we will expand it to the entire Ethereum ecosystem.
Utilizing the same techniques, we will allow everyone trading any coin to use and easily trade custom address names. This system has been coined CNS (Custom Name Service) and will greatly benefit the community by bringing more adoption, allowing every day users a way to easily understand the address system, and interlacing with The Tip Token platform to allow easy tipping, with addresses like ‘favorite.resturant’.

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