KwikTrust Teams Up with Powerhouse GamerHash for Strategic Partnership

KwikTrust Partners with GamerHash

KwikTrust is thrilled to announce our partnership with GamerHash, which has seen investment into the KwikTrust utility token KTX, plans for partner projects in the future, and potential integration of the KTX token into the GamerHash ecosystem.

The visions of both projects are aligned, with the goal of educating and creating communities interested in blockchain tech and innovation.

This cooperation will bring new opportunities for the communities of both projects, including the possible integration of the KTX token into the GamerHash ecosystem. Also in the works is the development of additional collaborations for NFT and gaming projects.

Additionally, we believe the partnership will further thrive as the CMO of GamerHash Artur Pszolkowski has become an advisor to KwikTrust.

What is GamerHash?

GamerHash, an innovative app that allows users to passively mine for cryptocurrencies while gaming, through simply running the app in the background, is a unique endeavor with over 600, 000 registered users already.

Within the GamerHash ecosystem, users can play games and earn GamerCoin (GHX), GamerHash’s native token. Members can use their computer’s power to mine cryptocurrencies, as well as earn GHX and GUSD by completing tasks on the original Play&Earn platform. GamerCoin (GHX) can be withdrawn or exchanged for +600 digital products in the GamerHash Store including big-name outlets and services such as Netflix, Spotify and Amazon.

GamerHash’s mission is to provide people (gamers) with a simple and free tool to reap the rewards of the blockchain minus all the hassle. The solution has simplified the crypto mining process to such a level that all the barriers of entry have been lifted enabling anyone with access to a computer to monetize resources they already possess and gain added value. Much of this has been achieved with the release of Play&Earn, which is targeted towards low-end computers. Users can earn additional funds for completing specific tasks like downloading the mobile app, playing an MMO game, or other tasks provided by affiliate partners.

Recently GamerHash has announced their foray into NFTs, releasing the Beta version of their very own NFT marketplace in December of 2021.

About KwikTrust

KwikTrust is home to the SuperNFT and a next-generation e-validation platform powered by blockchain technology. With use cases spanning a variety of industries, we are excited to bring on board the expertise and insight of GamerHash, including their knowledge in the areas of gaming and NFTs.

KwikTrust’s unique platform enables users to upload a file — be it a contract, deeds of ownership of physical or digital assets, or proof of intellectual property origination — and have the file validated and recorded on the blockchain to create a permanent and tamperproof record. Records can also be locked together with the owner’s validated identity into a SuperNFT to create a fully transferable digital asset.

Recently KwikTrust announced its patent-pending status for a new, more secure form of the NFT; the SuperNFT.

The SuperNFT raises the bar for security, increases trust, provides reliability, and is capable of opening new asset classes across finance, deeds of ownership, and intellectual property storage.

At its heart lies the KwikTrust protocol, which enables validated identity, provenance, and e-signatures to be locked and minted into non-fungible tokens. This provides a legally binding, time-stamped, trusted, and reliable mechanism for authenticating files.

The minting of the first SuperNFT will take place in the first half of 2022, at an exclusive live event.

KwikTrust + GamerHash

While GamerHash and KwikTrust are aligned on many levels, both would say that our greatest asset lies in our communities. Those centered around KwikTrust and GamerHash come together to create the most engaged communities that are interested in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and innovative technologies.

With the goal to bring further education and innovation to our communities, we know this will be a great partnership.

We are excited to bring the GamerHash team and community on board for this incredible journey and look forward to building future projects together.



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KwikTrust allows for self-certified and third-party validation of files, with the results stored securely on a blockchain