FansTime APP Tutorial II: Everyone Earns

Earn Money by Inviting Friends to Trade on FansTime. (3 Steps to Follow)

Step One: Download and install FansTime App yourself.

Step Two: Get your [Invitation Code Pic] from FansTime App.

Step Three: Send your [Invitation Code Pic] to your friends and ask them to download FansTime App by scanning your QR code.

[Alert] You can only get the rewards from the users who download the app through your pic. Please keep your code well and make sure your friends download from you.

Step by Step guidance to get your [Invitation Code Pic].

1)Click [My] button at the bottom on the right.

2)Click [Everyone Earns] button in the yellow color.

3) Save your [Invitation Code Pic] in your mobile: Long press the QR code until the text “FansTime: Save Successfully” pops up at the bottom.

4) Find your [Invitation Code Pic] which you just saved in your mobile: Go to your Gallery/Image/Photos file to find a pic as below:

How much invitors can earn from “Everyone Earns” function?

  1. 30% of transaction fees generated from the first-level invitees;
  2. 15% of transaction fees generated from the second-level invitees;
  3. If you have more than 10 first-level invitees, you can get 5% of successful subscription amount made by all of them in each subscription actions.