What you should know as a new member of FansTime community

About us:FansTime, the 1st blockchain based fandom ecosystem focusing on Entertainment industry. The main token FTI has been listed on 11 crypto exchanges such as gate.io and huobi global.

Concept Explanation Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcErfVQG7fo&t=1s

Our first DAPP called FansTime has 120,000 daily active users now and you can join them by downloading it from google play.

Download Link:https://pop.fanstime.org/wap/downpage/index/?lan=en

Using the app, you can purchase celebrity time and celebrity stocks, the former is similar to tokens and the latter is like a kind of stock issued by celebrities.

[1] You can get the latest news about us on Twitter @FTI_Foundation.

[2] https://medium.com/fanstime-foundation tells you in articles about us.

[3] If you like videos, you can check our YouTube channel for the concerts we had in Macau and Seoul, and some video reviews about us.

Celebrity Stocks:

[1] What’s the celebrity stocks? Check this article for how it works and what’s the benefits:


[2] How to buy celebrity stocks? Check the tutorials: https://medium.com/@pr_86836/fanstime-app-tutorial-how-to-buy-celebrity-stock-for-investment-6cf18cedd35a

FTI and the Profit Sharing Mechanism

Introduction Video of the Profit Sharing Mechanism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql7jYx5_vR0

If you get FTI, you can transfer them to FansTime App and wait for your profits shared from the fees generated from our transactions on the app.

We have a dedicated twitter account to announce the data each day:

Our Public Chain

Here is a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcErfVQG7fo&t=1s

And the report of our public chain is posted on : @FTI_Foundation

Add our Customer Service if you have any questions👇

Telegram username: @FansTimeMiyaNew