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Charrisa T. is the Visionary of HR Ministries and iTeach iCoach LLC where she tutors kings and queens in grades PreK-6 and empowers others to walk in their God-given purpose. She is a native of Bessemer, Al, and a product of Bessemer City and has currently been in the education field for 18 years. She is also the author of three bestselling self-published books and coaches others who aspire to publish their very own book. To date, she has helped BIRTH over 21 books!

Charrisa has been featured on many blogs and her most recent one was with Canvas Rebel in September 2022. She recently started her journey in FULL-TIME entrepreneurship and has the desire to help others do the same. She considers herself as a creative. She has been called to create and dominate(Genesis 1:26–28) so she started The Creative’s Academy(an online school for coaches and aspiring authors) and The Creative’s Lounge on clubhouse. She helps others with business coaching and has a plethora of resources for those who want to start a business. She is also a blogger and recently created a blog series called Take A Walk With Me. Here she shares her thoughts about leaving her career and transitioning to the life that God ordained for her. Charrisa wears MANY hats but considers herself as just a vessel God can use!

How are your current efforts helping to propel women forward?

To date, I have helped women start businesses, write books, and achieve long-life goals that have laid dormant for years. The women I assist vary from all ages as young as 11 to 76. I am continuing my knowledge to better assist my clients to reach their goals by gleaning from like-minded individuals and through 1 on 1 coaching. Every coach needs a coach and I definitely have them.

What advice would you share for readers who are emerging in your industry?

The advice I would share is to keep soaring. Life has a way of making you want to give up or give in. Life has a way of making you doubt what God has said but I encourage you to keep going. Perseverance will be your portion even in life’s toughest seasons. One thing I know for sure is seasons change, so don’t dictate your future based on your current and past dilemmas. Keep soaring through low support, the chatter, negative voices and comments, hurt, pain, rejection, misunderstandings, betrayal, and misfortune. NEVER GIVE UP!

How do you stay motivated during uncertain seasons?

I stand on the word of God. I reread old journals, notebooks, and/or even messages that I’ve written. This is my inspiration. I create vision boards and recite affirmations daily. I surround myself with positive things and people in uncertain times. I find my strength here. I also give my worries to God daily. I cast my cares on him and allow him to be the ultimate source. No one can do me like my Daddy God. He comforts me and gives me peace. He protects me and shows me the way even if I am still unsure.

Share what’s next for you and how readers can connect with you online?

I believe God has something so great for me in the NEAR future. As I am writing the vision, more will be revealed. For now, I am growing my entrepreneur gathering called The Roundtable, TM.I am working on a local Back 2 School Bookbag give back happening in August 2023. To keep in touch with me, visit Find me on facebook at or IG at To know more about the giveback and how you can support local scholars in the Greater Birmingham area, please visit



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