The Challenge of Work-from-Home in India Inc.
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We, as an white collared employees of India Inc., need to be more trusting, responsible and professional towards our peers.

What do I mean by this and why did I say so?

To begin with, ‘Trust’ gives you a right to sleep like a baby. Trusting others builds an inherent character in you which gives you more confidence and space to plan your day, the way you want it to. Don’t lose your sleep over some one else’s responsibilities, unless you shied away from your’s in the first place and unduly pressed it onto someone else… :)

That gets me to my second point, ‘Responsibility’. Be responsible in your act. That takes away all the unwanted sneaky-garbage thoughts from your head (and you know what I am talking about..). It empowers you to expect the same responsible behaviour from others. And, I am not talking about the pushy, overboard and uncalled for confidence, that many people wrongly assume to be working. Believe me, people are smart, very smart, in catching and reciprocating to the vibes you air; you can either make your vibes trusting and confident, or you can make it vanity driven, pushy and overboard. I hope you will make the right choice.

Lastly, ‘Professionalism’ has its true place in the corporate world. Every man for himself, unless asked for a help. Don’t assume yourself to be a teacher, parent, friend, mentor or any other self assumed role. Only be a good hearted professional, who is there to help if his work, time and life permits. These words may sound harsh to few, but it is worse to keep your peers or team-mates on time parole, always under your nose because firstly, you don’t trust them, secondly, you find yourself responsible for their act and lastly, you think professionalism is an overrated tenet.

I hope, I made my points clear. So, if we need to enjoy more W-F-Hs, we have to build a culture of change. A change towards unforced and self-opted ‘Trust, Responsibility and Professionalism’, so that the show must go on. I know there are many sides to this argument, but we need to start somewhere, and it better be a positive step of change.

Cheers.. :)

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