I Had Sex With An Investor & I Am Sorry
Perri Chase

While I do understand your case, your awareness about your situation, your mind (fully consciously) seeing a business prospect in the meeting etc

But there’re cases (I have experienced one for instance) where women are really clear about the abuse that happened

“I also think it’s really important that when we expose men, it’s real and warranted and not a one sided story open to interpretation. Once these stories are out, there is nothing a man can do to defend against falsehoods. I think we have a responsibility as women to be introspective and to be honest with ourselves.”

I personally don’t see why anybody must make this statement. It, for instance, negates the fact that other type of women (with different thresholds and temperaments) are fully capable of judging that an experience is abusive in their case (same as you’d decided in your case that it was not). Every story ever shared is open to interpretation, that’s the funny thing. Just because people tare it apart doesn’t mean the women who come out with their stories are falsely accusing men at all.

Except for that one statement, I appreciate you sharing your experience and thoughts.

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