Learning to write

I spent a fair duration of time learning to write for business. My admiration for words directed me to pursue a career in content writing. Thankfully, I landed up in an environment where I got sufficient space and encouragement to calibrate myself.

But the start wasn’t easy. I was assigned to write articles on financial matters and compose promotional lines for two financial products. I began with the natural way I write, but it never struck a chord with my managers.

Your writing should be terse. It should have a sense of urgency. It should prompt reader to act- to do something. It should convey why the reader should care about it.

I collected these bits of reactions I got from my seniors.Initially it felt tricky. I couldn’t fathom what they meant. But I was bent on decoding the art. I began to research. How do big companies write their product feature? I began to read a lot on the subject. I encountered the term “copywriting”. That was a breakthrough. It was the precise term that helped me uncover plenty of resources. I started compiling good lines from other companies and voraciously gobbled the articles that wrote on the subject. It was like uncovering a new world. A new style of writing.

Terse. Concise.

I am still learning. Discovering more of such writings. And practicing regularly. It feels good to learn new things. I am looking forward to become a good copywriter. I will focus my next one year in trying to embrace this skill.


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Originally published at wellitdoesntmatter.wordpress.com on May 5, 2017.